Alone on a Plane

Monday, June 27th


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Can you even imagine. Getting on an airplane. And nobody is on the airplane yeah except the crew. You get to be the only passenger if a guy like Stephen King dollars in an adequate freaked me out. Although it's like to stretch out that's for sure. We're about to meet Amanda died they did just that it's seven posts I'm sorry 7-Eleven was John and Tammy okay SL and thinner and warm day next couple days as a matter of fact upper seventy's at the coastal low nineties in lynch told a story is almost. Unbelievable to me and it anybody that's ever traveled. On an airplane having the entire. Plane to yourself there's more people working on the plane that. Finally arrived and it happened to Steven Schneider joins us now Steven how are you amend. I did pretty well thanks very yes. Number I'm amazed that by the story you walk on a plane and you see there's nobody there do you think I'm on the wrong plane and where I'm on what's going on. Well I'd I knew before it steps on that out habit myself but while walking up brigade out but it's pretty unbelievable. How does that work why wouldn't they just. Cancel your flight or put you on a different flight they tried to do that didn't pay. And the other plane had to go back to Atlanta anyway here Atlanta's delta is home base and I guess those are repositioning place. Mean in the plane was gonna go back anyway I I check on that first of what you guys are flying this plane just for me area girl I don't know. That's I was only what do you do besides stretch out look seriously I mean you can sit or a real ones. Fortunately I was upgraded you know plus he's got. I got the setup and business class I put my feet up on the arm rest in front of me which normally would be really poor form sure. Plane let's say my people often think well you appeared yeah. Who are involved. Now did they offer you any beverage service they did I drink after drink a couple of three water sports what it's my favorite beer I keep given a ditches but they haven't reached out yeah. Do you feel it. Is in this Steven. Steven Schneider is with us this is the do they got on a plane and there was nobody else on the plane except the crew. How what are their bomb that you were there are no offense felt like David David just in time that they think OK man knowing on this. Plane yeah cardiac. I don't know what closed Lafayette then they were super cool and in and relax tonight I kept trying to tell them that you know can't sit up here and they're like no no we're not gonna and then they kind of spread out throughout the plane clearly everybody was. Super on the foot and did the safety briefings I got to try to you know there's a briefing. What's so funny. And that the plunge on the for the name of the ramps supervisor. It came up on the plane with the uncertainty of how when he put buffalo things we have leftovers he wanted to give them seeming opponent. Funny isn't eating your Eileen and I do breezy with a. You've got hadn't beat it for myself. And that parity and throw this at all but once I hit the guy comes in the eye disease for myself old by the way what he did yeah yeah. But like I don't know where they sort of I'd done to deserve this good for you now the ball lottery ticket afterwards or something. I I did not but maybe I don't have to look I don't know clearly defending curry trade Kissinger Samir goes straight Clearwater. The slipper ever. I'm on the top athletes try and keep strong and even your story is is is certainly very unusual enjoy your fifteen minutes a whoa what we have left of fame. Boy I guess you know continued successful travels or bring guys I appreciate it I'm flying in my family. The midwest and a few weeks before the chances I have like an inch of legroom let alone play and a massive parade. Thought the right thing you can imagine they've been my best guess yeah I didn't think so that. Like a crowded planes dump some of them do that anywhere I. Yeah always it's next to me do that here.