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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations I'm Carrie Lee. The San Diego LG BT community center has been providing a variety of services to the LG BT and HIV communities for years their services and programs provide. Among other things essential resource as an advocate. For civil and human rights joining us this morning San Diego LG BT community center director of the events. Ian Johnson and chief development officer Karen desert also on the show is mama's kitchen executive chef. And Gardner mama's kitchen is one of the recipients of the senator's upcoming fund raiser. Welcome Ian welcome Karen welcoming him. I don't you think very much always pleasure seeing you Ian hand and pleasure seeing you again as well Karen nice meeting you think to be announced today. However talked today about aids walk and run San Diego we'll do that little bit but first I wanna talk a little bit about the senate. San Diego LG BT community center let's start with some background information on the organization weekend. Absolutely the senators the second oldest and one of the largest LG BT community centers in the country. Senator as the heart of the San Diego LG BT community we are dedicated to the twin goals of promoting. LG BT health and human rights. We serve everyone in our diverse community from youth to seniors and everyone in between are transgender community are Latino community and all of our families. Now the senate some mistake and I think Ian we talked about this the last time your on the show and and maybe even before if you've been on several times didn't he. The center for starters as just like health plan senate and utility closet somewhere it sure did it started in closets oddly enough. They did our foundered just just that started in basically a little closet he had a telephone answering machine right in positive service like help line. And now you guys are where you're located again we are located in the heart of Hillcrest on center street and university avenue. Could've picked a better name for the street bright yet he got I was wonder if it's named after late thinner and I'm not sure I'd yeah. But I find it interesting and and hello event at this location because there was yet another long before this wasn't there. Their wives there's been I think almost four different locations. I'm we have band currently at 39 and nine cent a street for about fifteen years I'm before that it was actually I am for some kind of was introduced in the senate was when it was on normal streets. Oddly enough freight where aids walk is starting this year is right there on the corner OK Harvey Milk street and normal street such as like a block away from me yeah now gaffe. So what is what is the mission and of via the senate. The mission and a senator is to serve everyone in our diverse community and care for everyone's health and human rights. Currently the center is servants 61000. Service visits per year while. Not everyone from our youth as young as ten this year we started a new group because young people are coming out as LG BT younger and younger. So this your started a new group for a ten to thirteen year olds all the way over to our seniors were breaking ground on a new senior living facility. With in partnership with community housing works. It should open up next year so over the years you've been been around for while over the years how how those things changed. If the senators torture services and programs that you offer you know our our world has changed for LG BT people we've attained huge victories like marriage equality. And the ability to serve openly in our military and yet we're still struggling and still have 20000. People in San Diego County living with HIV aids so. Yes we have taken some huge steps towards progress and we still have much further to go. Bring up HIV aids aspect to it's. You know 20000 people and we're still seem like new infections of HIV happening especially amongst the younger demographics. I am and one it's partly the stigma that's associated with I am. People are scared to even say they have HAV I missed it even go to a doctor cancer treatments. I'm so you know we see these events as we know that like with treatment you're living a long healthy life but it's like taking that step. To get an NCA doctor has there's always BC these progression but there's always something kind of holding us back. Cobb you know with our LG BT homeless youth that's still a thing where. Families you know kids are being kicked out of their homes simply because they identifies of UB TQ. I am and that's something else we have to change. And as far as medication now for for HIV aids status come along way as well oh my gosh a long way. I know for myself when I was first diagnosed it was fifteen years ago. I'm the conversation at that time wise do you start HIV medications he now it's like this is not the time you know that was the conversation I was having with my doctor. I'm was okay it was you know I don't need to start mats now my body was during while and now would think we now. Starting medications immediately. I you become undetectable. Human which means that that chances it reduces the risk of transmission a 100% saying I'm not giving it to anybody. And the pills that so 11 pill a day and things this little thing you take with your multi vitamins in the morning. I'm in your view go on it's like yes it's pretty amazing yes in my my brother he passed late one 21 years ago. Almost twenty years ago for Mason back then. When he was first diagnosed and I remember exactly what it was easy T yeah that's what it was yeah that he had to take. Yes it's come along way. Since since that's still a long ways to go current. In other there are many different services and programs that you offer at the center they thing right now is is beat generation right explain what that is. Yeah absolutely. Two years ago the center launched a campaign called be degeneration and what we really want to do is be the generation that stops in new transmission. HIV and so that campaign is really you know a campaign to fight stigma. The stigma. Of HIV that stops folks from getting tested and stops folks from really getting the hope that they need. Two tasked encourage folks to test that they know their HIV status and can talk to their partners about their status to treat. Ian was talking about crap which is apt pre exposure prophylaxis. That's a once A day pill. That house in 1990%. Chance. Stopping. Anybody. From getting HIV which is just an incredible medical breakthroughs of this campaign and as educational. It's also about treatment. And it's about prevention especially taking prop. And it's the times that we're living in rent and it's 2016. I we've seen these advancements that but it's in the hands of its huge demographics those that are living with HIV and those that are HIV negative for your positive. It's getting on treatment and getting to that undetectable level because an acme passing on HAB. And minutes those that are HIV negative taking control of their health. Time and looking into practice and seeing if it's right for them to get how people usually are Maine's latest and how I sometimes say is it's very similar to birth control off a it's a huge taking a one village aiding and it's preventing you. From getting HIV it's pretty amazing so that so the prep pill does it does it is it treatment pillows or just prevention. Wars in both well I think it's both I and it's something that you have to take on a daily basis. Europe to massive dose missed those but. It's a regiment you take and it protects you. Tennessee and the things were pretty excited about at the center is we started doing HIV testing in house. So we have members of our staff diverse members of our staff who were out in the community who got trained to text. And so you can come men. And it doesn't look like a sterile clinic it looks like a place where you might wanna sit down and have a conversation. So we do testing in house at the center free. Anonymous HIV testing. And we're doing that you know and it really relaxed environment try to make people feel as comfortable as possible completely anonymous and free. And then also offering folks counseling no matter what the results are so the centers here no matter who you are for free anonymous testing. And that's on something that we started doing just in the last six months and are having great results have come on over to dishonor. I'm for free and anonymous HIV testing and it is. I can give you the test. And it ended and it is done there at the senator it's it is a great place very. Warm yet. Please go and I think there's a misconception. Amongst different communities that you know sure where the house BT senator but like Paris has our doors are always open. Every you know we do food banks and which is a wide range of demographics that are utilizing that. But I think she you you know as for news has concert HIV testing is a very nervous. Experience to DO. I mean you know from my past experiences sometimes you're going in for an HIV test and it is the sterile environments. I'm if you have a positive. Test result not of the times it's like all right your positive and off you go right thing and I do you think him I mean I'm certified test counselor on top of being director of events I am and I few hours a week ago and I get to meet community members people who are. Uneducated about what HIV is today in 2016. I'm so it's that opportunity and it is it really is like we we can't our testing orange. Because it's a relaxed atmosphere yeah I'm allowed Emerson having great conversations and changing lives and people are blocking out of there with a better feeling about what HIV is and that's what we have to get so let's like you say united in that. It's a different situation where where you're at what you're doing and not just in appear positive now don't you go now. You know you're there to help them. Explain it to them it's a I do you think that's something that separates us is that all of us are certified. We have a passion behind it we actually care about the client from the people that come and the salmon didn't have like a positive results I'm. I have walked people through the whole process that would even like OK let's get you into a doctor notes. I'm I'll go to the doctor's appointment with them arm you know let's find the right medication. It's it's definitely it's definitely different instruments and how do you get the word out to to the public. About testing. How important is that she get tested. I mean that's why we launched the be the generation campaign it's not just about testing and also a public education campaign. To educate folks about what HIV aids is. Encourage folks to get testing encourage folks to talk to their partners to their family means. So that we really can be the generation on that stops in new transmissions of HIV insanity. So it's a public education campaign were going out to bars were given presentations. And we're really trying to and do something pretty incredible which has stopped on this disease for. Growing more hairs and it's not. It's not just. Key thing you know people think that it's always like only gay men are the ones that are gonna get HIV and it's not it affects all of our communities. So I'm it's important that. You know. Everyone's having fax her PR pro enjoy the flag if you go to reflects positive plays an interview opening yourself at risk they. And taken stronger housing did test I mean it's it's a great thing to know. Your status and where you're at because there's advancements site stop the spread of eight Jimmy in new infections and even with. The progress that's been made just like you said in and said earlier there's still that stigma and there's still that statement that it is still a gay disease. Yeah and it's not and like some of that state miles we just stayed a story in every year during a talk we had a highlight like some kind of story. Which is one of the benefits of my job. I'm but. One of the stories that came out. This year is that one of our participants she lost her brother to aids complications in 2000 eighths. That's not that long ago now. And the reason why was he is in the closet that he had HIV. Because the stigma was so hard that he didn't open up to his family he didn't seek medical treatment. I'm because he just felt shunned and ashamed by the fact that he was living with HIV. I'm so ultimately I mean because he didn't seek out the services that eventually is what the problem was and I think stigma is what holds people back. From also going inning getting tested period. There's a lot of people who go through it and when you find out that results. Sometimes they turn to substance I'm trying to ignore the fact that it's that he TB diagnosis and that's. Just because. The criminal was decent laws are so like. Crazy for those living with HIV and now this is not a lot of education right and that's what you guys are doing which is which is great we're trying to retire and Mary. So you know we're so proud of the fact that we're doing testing and it and that it's wrapped into a larger public education campaign because the center's gonna be there for you. No matter what the results are the results come back in your HIV negative we wanna talk to about how to practice safe sex. How to get on crap and how to use condoms and the results are positive. We wanna support you. In the in the living life as someone who's living with HIV we have support groups on both counseling through the signers behavioral health services. And then also peer groups which are so powerful for a long term survivor. Of HIV to tell someone who just got diagnosed yesterday hey. I've been living with this for twenty years look at right healthy I go to the jam and take my medication the senators here for me I'm here for you know. And so really I am no matter what the results of the test are the senators to support you to live a healthier life. And that's great to know if there is of a place to go and get that help in that support. There's so much needed I wanna talk about that the walk and run that's coming up you've seen before we do that. Let's. Talk about a couple of the other signature events that you have there's dining out for life on my favorite. Events that you have that comes up in April and it's shirt. It comes and he wrote that last Thursday. April. You know it's definitely one of my favorite events of the year to we have I between seven needs 200 defense and you go restaurants. That sign up the outs and two Denny Tony five to a 100% of their sales for the entire year date. Restaurants that we've had have fanned Mike Adams avenue grill. Has donated 50% from Thursday to Sunday. That weekend. Putts though which is in the headquarters an awesome Hoya. They sign up it's really it's a great event calories don't count don't they don't now and I I go along with that wholeheartedly and another. Event of yours is the Harvey Milk diversity breakfast guess the Harvey Milk diversity breakfast. I'm brings about 1000 scene begins to believe in equality and progress and as. I'm at that he Helton de France on Friday may nineteenth. It's a breakfast so it's at 7:30 AM for itself but we seem to be 11 this morning things here I come back but it's actually there's one thing happened now throughout the United States and its honor Harvey Milk. I'm and it started here in San Diego so this is the original argument about crisis yet and now it's kind of ground on a lot of things certainly start here at the center. I'm more seeing you again kinda like are just. Models as they kinda now the aids walk and run coming up this Saturday. The 24 this is the 27 year is for the walk is an. It certainly is. Ellen talk about about all the details in just second and and is there with mama's kitchen I am with things that can. How many how many organizations on the sees me and how many organizations are there's a benefit from this walk I'd be sure we have sixteen different organizations. Alcan and mama's kitchen is one of them. We are one of them we've been receiving funds from Maine's law it's law for a long time through the years it's been you know different amounts fled the home. We try to raise as much money as we can so we can meet the match so that we can now maximize. The cash that we get in the money negating. We also home. That money that comes in that's not. It's not monies and money in a conflict to me it's food down putting in our clients bags and as you're walking down the street remember that you're helping your name from mine. I giving us. Support in helping us provide meals for your neighbors tell us a little bit about Australia a nonprofit we've been around for 26 years I've been in mom's kitchen for twenty years we provide meals. A three meals a day seven days a week for people affected by aids and cancer who are vulnerable to hunger. We take care of people that are physically or mentally unable to repair their own meals and we also rent food pantry which. At one time we we Bard's face in the center and we were there for a short time to week two we established our own we took over then had to step program but. We take care of that a thousand people in San Diego and their people that. If we didn't bring in food they probably would not eat. It's that it's a great organization and where we're thankful for is want her for being one of our supporters so this this money that you get from aids walk it's is. Pretty crucial it really is we're. You know sometimes I think where victims of our own success for pretty quiet. We do we do a lot in the community. But we do want I want an arc our volunteers are taking food to it to people's homes knocking on the door and asking them how they're doing in. You know brain and that Swiss steak and it Turkey meatloaf you know given an effort for the breakfast for tomorrow we don't we just quietly. Go through the neighborhoods all threats hanging up canyon provide provide nukes and near the executive chef ciento you know all about those meals I do anything. But our food comes and selling you know my day starts pretty early I might be taken and that if I wasn't. So the walk again is this Saturday September 24. What can we expect this is I think my eight year. Participating in the walks what can we expect this year yeah I mean as good a good time and that is every year effort. I get great Satan again nearly sixteen different organizations for speeding. I'm and some of them too early these small organizations where. The finding from this event mechanic keeps them afloat seasons it's crucial for that but what you can expect our. Thousands. Scene begins walking through the streets of Hillcrest malveaux part. I'm usually always a beautiful day we have eighty Ryan. I knew this year it's it's about a four mile run. I'm all participants received. A fantastic commemorative medal which I have been given very nice Man Ray and I personally done something like this and we've heard from runners. That allowed people do these runs for these medals so we'll see how does help yeah. Hopefully people register for the run. I'm we also have a walk about a four mile walk. I'm and it's a beautiful watch it goes through Volvo part time we have a wonderful opening ceremonies set up with gene came from a CBS eats. I'm we have the Sanyo gay men's chorus performing that singing a women's chorus performing some special surprises. Should be really nice there's. You know what's unique about aids walk is. You know we are in a different time so we also take a moment to remember all those that we've lost in the struggle. I'm and then possibly celebrate life and like just kind of where Iraq and that you now it's also. The timing of from my experiences is my tenth year working on aides mocked. I'm but before that just the young game and newly diagnosed with HIV it was kind of Miley vent right lands. Living now silence and just hang in knowing Ike writes. And their people that are supporting HIV and you know I am OK having HIV and I think that's a big important thing about the walk you know sometimes remain overlook say it's important for those that are struggling. Yes I I think it's a great event it's fun ya and it's great way to remember the numbers in health and and think about those are still fighting the fight yeah. Now what now used to started. And double parking a couple of years ago he moved it to normal street either so that is the starting point again it gets it's on normal street and university avenue. Okay let's talk about parking OK okay. They're gonna go crash. That's not the easiest place to find parking so again if and when he had had a double parked we were able to park in the double hospital and then you must insist there's not that anymore so. Where can people park. On the midst well it's not really misconception about reality Oca striking it. But we have parking at the DMV you know Christie MT. I'm and we got to talking and fill everything but right up the street and walking distance hat. Alison Burney elementary. And also that Sany unified school district building I'm we have their parking lots chip so in essence. Had a better day. And using the military hospital because you don't have begin on a show at all and sit and wait for the shuttles and all that this. He can walk right directly across the street and banned it there which means you can enjoy more time in the restaurant after the walk. After the rock we encourage all of our participants to go to our dining out for life restaurants so we have restaurants that have parties signed up for in 2017. I'm like great maple. Hash house. Urban nosed grinder. Bob daddy's Gossip Girl yes on our website the center ST dot org. But you'll see it's it's supporting all those restaurants that's for dining out for life we definitely want Nancy it's our opportunity yeah. It's kind of like give them some wild because the bother spread throughout the year and I'm does a lot of those are partners to many organizations. Could you mama's kitchen like you're rounds. It's true when we room and the the restaurants are very generous and we do our signature mom is an event. They all stepped up and it's a great thing and get a great community reeling him now. A couple incentives. Meant to you that that you have for fight aids walk for is you have your extra mile club on big yellow shoe. You have an appreciation cruise. How does how these work. I rights yes the thousand dollars those individuals who race at thousand dollars or more are considered extra mile club members I've. And I think that the Orlando. They all go crazy including you Gary hey every year that's right for a very fancy. Gold foil crowned hey that is paper my grand kids love and I think that people. Yes I mean that is the number one thing that people wanted that gold crown. And it's take a picture in the royalty chair if he did you get to and thrown in thrown this round. Posse have coffee in the morning right I get whenever fabulous aides like T shirts which are always the nice teacher it's not like a generic. Quite certain that you just can't get and also you're invited to our post swap crews. Which is on Saturday. October. Who once he. Can I have the right Saturday October Tony section it's our post rock cruise aboard. Flagship reasons for his two of them. I'm in an awesome this year for our 500 dollar fund raisers so anybody who has raised 500 dollars or more. Is now our star walkers. And they did a that a sector. I think with a star on the these little sassy big fat and it should be fives and that's if you raise 50500. Individuals who raised 500 of those raids 500 and then I'll participants who rates a hundred dollars or more get our official teacher. I'm it's pretty fancy designs are very excited about it and the big yellow shoes. As big shoes. Does it yes so. Mean we encourage like individuals to fund raise people legend like barbecue fund raisers and Allah by. They come in together usually at that teen thirteen can consist of two or more people. I'm mom's kitchen has that team the center has team. You have a team right which is aboard the walk when he's walking to their secure walking to the secure. And so whenever a team hits either ten registered participants or raises a thousand dollars or more. They get this big yelling shoot you get your website it's like FT dot org. I'm you'll see pictures of these big yellow issues that people get to walk around with. And just like the gold crown that is another thing that people. If they're real issue is not out there people revolution isn't just insane now. That's so long they love that you. I did tell my granddaughter loves to carry it yeah which is great Madonna's stick an area they don't bay. These people yet and I am that is probably you can imagine all the details of aids rock and I will tell you the issues are right. The task that I am focus on the next few days because if I miss the teens especially here about it I'll I would. It's fun we got you know shoes we have gold crowds we have sectors you can hit another round. This is fine and we want everyone to have a good time but what we're trying to do is two things raise awareness about the impact of HIV aids. And raise some much needed funds for us and Canada for all of our partner organizations to fight HIV aids. In San Diego it's six days away it's not too late to get involved you can register to walk. You can registered or run and get an amazing commemorative medal. On you can give a gift. And you can participate without evenly so that issues by given a gift. Www. Aids walk SD dot org. Or you can sign up to be a virtual walker which means you don't actually have to watch you can have a champagne brunch or you pray that you now. It's gotten so whether you're lacing up her just given a gift www. Aids walk SD dot org get involved. And what time is the walk start. You walk starts at 735. Do you run starts at 730. And opening ceremonies begin at 7 AM OK and to register. Aids walk ST dot org get right and we do have information about the walk and community events page this. A station's web sites anybody who wants more information can go there and there's also a link. From that posting to the site to that to register now let's let's again it's it's this Saturday. September 24. Register. Come on out help raise money helped raise awareness. About HIV and aids in San Diego County gadget show of support for you your fellows Iranians to 20000 living with HIV so write that please you come on now. Right now website for the center. Center's website is that senator as GE dot org. And web site mom's kitchen mom is kitchens a dork. Can both on social media yes. Wait a senator for. Or five high and. Again. And then. Always great seeing both you Kara pleasure meeting you and I have all the opportunity thank you for all you do at the end senator for the LG BT community. And I'll see you Saturday in Q Gary we'll Thea. Thank you relish it. And I crowd. That concludes another addition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. On the intercom San Diego radio stations episodes of living veteran San Diego are available on the station's website. Dumb next week when my guess will be from Autism Speaks feel bad. I'm Jerry Lee have a great week.