Above and Beyond Award

Monday, June 13th


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This is Genentech raised high of 5000. Hometown hero door thinking. With a high of 50 goal drive down. I know I speak for ten and I feel blessed their way to build out the opportunity to high five all you heroes. And you all need very much to talk to both of us however what we did on Saturday what we're. Honored to be a part of this is gonna go down as far as I'm concerned we'll highlights. Apartheid 5000 hometown hero tour and we're proud to be part of you see your country festina Jacqueline talking about that if you're not get ready for some awesome awesome feelings. We are proud to be partners with the veterans movement above and beyond award which is an organization that selects one individual and honors them as surprise ceremony with a beautiful bronze eagle trophies so these heroes don't know that they're being honored until it's happening. My in this what's happening. At country's best when we were introduced to a true American hero named torrent a two McMoran golf. Doran is a basketball coach wooden. He was a high school basketball star. Whose service forest country who chose I should say service for his country over college basketball during his third. Combat tour in Afghanistan he was severely injured when he stepped in and I ED losing both of his legs is suffering a brain injury. After several years recovering in retiring from the Marine Corps. He met and fell along with a beautiful woman and her young daughter and despite much hesitation he agreed to return the basketball coach we was. The basketball floor should say where he was a star in high school to coach a group of eight year old kids who were super curious about their coach with no legs. He humbly explained to them what went down and now he's just coach to them but so much more than that he. Competing crossed it can't be competitions he's is surf season hand cycle marathon made the man is a true American hero and we had the opportunity to not only. I honor him with this award surprise him to speak to him and. Afterwards we are in the honor to be a true American hero it sort of explain. How supplies you wrote what just happened here. It allows you lose jobs that had no idea. That I was getting an award this event. Sponsor here look OK okay if the wind. And now doesn't wanna talk about my wife throw the book called after. As steady as she told me we are coming at you out all excited about it and hear her talk about. Something this team enjoys paying. For it to come back on need help ward for he was. How long I'm not very optimize these lists but. I was diesels right now and I really don't know what this okay. Other than I'm grateful for. You know organizations that are out such as united and see everybody kind of come together is spin. I don't know why it's it's an amazing feeling. Well I have to tell you the audience they had no idea what was going on you know this was the first for them soon and I was like I shouldn't be surprised because we live animals and Adriatic city in the world but nobody knows everybody's out there. I listen to what we were talking now without having an idea and while there. The louder they applaud. You know I Soledad CNN you guys are reading the bio or the letter. And I still in the soccer. It's a monumental things so that team. And I saw as I look this can. But he's he's earned run me and I didn't even get a chance to look above an amateur here play this everybody kind of just. Motionless and run in awe and love love listening to everything in. I guess and you know seeing what I've done post injury. Is it really made it impacted immunized struggle today but. To see that things that I've kind of done in the little the little bits and pieces that I've done to raise awareness is so guys that the people doing things. As it's truly honor it's a humbling experience being. Speed come watch people kind of be in awe of what I've done when I was just doing my job and this is my way to continue to serve our country did. I'm so Friday living you know everything and everything you have and better. OK okay and non. Every day. You know about it. And apparently it's a real men and a surreal manor real hero and any part of what we're talking to torrent. How proud I am to be affiliated with our kids on film you showed this man. So what respect him and I were a wreck onstage watching you react to him literally broke down. And yesterday as I was talking with Dan Stephan how we handle this tragedy in Orlando and into a fund shown an. Thinking back to your response to this hero and the goods and they came on that really has helped us. Us move forward so we can remember that the good things the the goodness in people so thank you for that. It's definitely embodies that for sure. He'd like to nominate a few Teresa king just gone above and beyond awarded dot com and also thanks to veterans united home loans to San Diego. Jerry Kelly teen admission realty group awkward ask on the San Diego union Tribune. Fox sports San Diego here is resort Southern California and of course. You know all of the fact that cancel or allow us to be part this is well a broader way.