Is Abbey Really John's Daughter?

Monday, November 6th


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Two weeks from tomorrow icy my daughter Abby for the first time since August I am obviously counting the day they cannot win mr. so much. I found out recently that she didn't go up partying and Halloween which I thought was a well you post to a college radio in college your party and following your party on Tuesday that it's Halloween and she did not and that's why I'm wondering if in fact she is my daughter. Hey honey. Abby. I need to ask you brought a very serious question okay. Are you sure you're my daughter. A a a you're not. Aunts and do it in the as you know she's blond and blue light and dark hair and our guy comes out she legacies and nordic princess. Anyway. What we need them up and there is amassing this would you tell everybody please what you did it on Halloween night in your first year college. Okay per hour long are you familiar with the church. How weekend because I didn't did not do anything I had thought that I'd stay patents that are actually. So my beautiful daughter studious one year old daughter not Halloween night stayed in and study for a test. Is that going out there for your college. I didn't we do well. On Friday. Being OK. I. I knew I don't yeah. Time as those Thursday nights in college. Knowledge of the midlife crisis. He kids later. Oh thank goodness I was so worried. Isn't this a father actually calling his daughter telling you to party more accurate it. Is going to do anything Elissa I'm so proud you because you're working so hard she's got a job them. Moved to what he's on a college class in and actually go to class. Gordon were job and then come back a little more classrooms. I was I was like I actually did I actually not call you last week and say. Please remember to go out and have a social life to. Yeah you don't have to stop working early generates. It was like crazy. I starts at that entirely that is what you got to think. Exactly right and I would think they stand by that you want you to work because lord knows I'd I don't always will be sending you money but. If that's part of college getting out and and and into taking advantage of not having to tell us when you come home and I'm sure hoping you still 1030 at night ocean land and. Growing yeah that's when you leave to go out rates. Yeah. Actually help our club and kids don't water until late. Well listen I just I I I have to tell you I miss you so much and Thanksgiving can't get here soon enough I had a dream last night you know a free queue up what you were in my dream last night. And you had just gotten here. And then you laugh whenever I to seal. Half full. I know you and the bad thing yeah. And I'm driving adult character along loop it. Open a whole group. I guess we're in to presume I'm not really hot hot hot pink I got now I'm gonna see that. That's really funny I'm sorry he showed good power that life I. I really can't wait to steal and and in pleased to know how proud I am of the and and and go out and have. Have fun once in awhile. I know you do it in the regular Lugar and additional energy drew laughter club public look at okay enough. To drive when you come back. All right I'll seen a few weeks. Bargnani. Bye bye daddy. My baby. By the way and I think yen in contestants who says she.