7 Seconds to Vent: Planning a Wedding

Tuesday, January 16th


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Nothing really getting your nerves this morning Salinas is conscious cabinet job. Well Melissa you complete the entire day but we will give you seven seconds to vent and Boeing cleansing. 6195701973. John and Tim in the morning on San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KSO and step do you have box 72 time are ready to go for seven seconds event ID and no more no last seven seconds to vent. I Brandon has got seven seconds events about lots. On. First or you are you a college students. Rule all high school student wallet. OK so go ahead we're gonna give you seven seconds to vent about your math class and again. The audit lean more parliament into your wall and. We even need that second pop up. Eyebrow that feels good right hopes makes you feel better and I really hope your math teacher wasn't listening showed exactly. 61957019737. Seconds to events like the character bubble I'll really okay now he's got seven seconds event about football go ahead Steve. I. Think pretty much choked like chargers currently do. Who move up on a you're not the only one who feels that way and always again how does the saints show they were down seventeen to nothing they came back to take the lead and we net. Don't like the chargers on the way the last fourteen Beckett. Fail lot it. As they did for the worst incidence I know yanking my cell insane insane I. Actually wanted to be on the areas in just wouldn't talk about Greece and again that's a Jessica our associate producer who's so kind when she answers the phone is another kind look at her face right now. On what's wrong he looks so angry do you seven seconds event. I really doubt about like about this bridal shower and growing rule will be a while shower yeah government spends letting rises. This is the same desperate that insisted on having those who super expensive tickets in Vegas for her bad on the party. You have to pay for a game in the and that was enough volume to about a shower. It ends nuclear anymore December 2 as she looked dangerous. Problem now. I'm really tired so I'd be afraid of you right now you are inviting. Hero right. It's just other people and our seven seconds you re pretty deaf and go just. Why did other spending hours on his right or shower invitations when no we are seek peace verified now people saner coming but no we actually yeah you pay out our president. A commitment Noonan. I hesitate to cut you off could only gonna go to cut me. You spent time doing real paper invitation to hunt are Steve feed nobody RCP two what is the point sour. This day only cash the RC PR the older family members via anyone my age don't bother. And I try to do it easy said semi in value to you have to haul me why didn't change. Send them an email as the invitation in this whole thing when had been read and I agree. Let's help our country jobless situation I just had to or I think young people that'll mean this on an old man that maybe the whistle and bother opening mail because it amber getting email. I think that debt. I really do like there's a saying nobody wants to. Dude also I should just a FaceBook and yet I think that's what should let him there's people like John who don't RC Peta FaceBook invite I know he's so all of our defense. I don't turn me in us. Your call dial it. Yeah. I think it's an ours BP problem all air around Somalia and even bother doing this fancy imitations anymore because I didn't want him. I could have ten people coming I have thirty and no idea. So what's wrong with this what's really being like that the the baby shot or the the wedding shower bouncer if they show up with Norris BP guess what. Became command that's gonna go real well you got that good good opening and I to a present like a bouncer at an LA club have the velvet rope there have a big line and. Are you got us. Just to stay in line amid elegy and when it comes time to eat the cake for right now used to analyze and don't I don't know what for the super exclusive party at our house in Lancaster India and. And my mom's house. Are you give you that about the event and amateur as. Louisiana just when you call it should be the most marvelous time of your life. Planning your wedding instead. It causes so much stress in so much anger in some of frustration. Are Paris was a pretty Jessica is still in a regional for the raves from an early let. The ball on her. Thompson's that six months is as wedding of once again. Welcome Johnson in the morning. Seven K as though and why are you so upset about this. Is just a lot's been watching her go through this and all this not need. And see all these things like is that really necessary necessary ways what is what she's spending bothering you. 'cause does mean it does not you when you see people spend a bunch of money on things and you're talking to John. They and their business. Has ruined what. Because everybody now goes on can trust and he's a he's perfectly beautiful weddings and now they have to spend all this money to get these perfectly beautiful letting them like. Then. Just. Not the only one that we've been hearing venting from our co worker Craig is getting married or coworker Casey is getting married are color guard Dougherty is getting married. Blah and they're off and I'll probably anything via it's a stressful thing it's a very stressful thing our phone number 6195701973. Daniel was so stressful about planning your wedding. They get injured at the front and can end in air right make it happen a little bit. And that I. A little. Vicious now and you know what it's might read as I guess I wouldn't want it you know what it doesn't matter what you think about it. Now I don't think I do not out of hand. The moral story don't bring your friend Soledad. What explains the success of that show on TLC's say yes and address that go to the same thing every time. I've been married for ten years and I still watching that show you know what that's so funny because my sister in law was watching it when I went to visit her or the Christmas while they might. Why are you watching the Pentagon and I'm addicted to ask what I get sucked in and I would never spend that much money on a drag them right I felt like 400 dollar in my wedding dress in these two part spending 4000 dollars but I get sucked into that shelf and I'm just shocked he's been 400 dollars and anything yet brilliant too high and it was my mom's gift to me but I was so happy that we got an honest you out early or under that's a great deal for letting yeah you had a beautiful wedding dress too for 400 or selling mortgages went there. It was back yeah diet yeah. It was report so it is that Demi here were you need to vent about letting planning. So or get back to you associate producer Jessica is so you were venting about the cost of the bachelorette party. Is that if you fall luck to Vegas hasn't happened already that's happened at a that was about it all right and in and you had to buy tickets that strip show. It was really fun the magic might show a super great how much I think with like one's fifteen one's sixteen and got one and a parent. Up front that was nice of an amendment music I. In the baby oil sectional. It's quite sexual anything else why isn't it. Is this the shouldn't be a stressful time it was seen as I should you be at. When guys like you John who is you're given that pretty were got Mary you were given a one task. Most men shall not always it's just say here's what you gotta do and that's it in the winning usually do most of break on it but that's not always the case. But it is a stressful playing 6195701973. What was the most stressful part. I'm planning your wedding.