2017 National Anthem Contest Winner: Morgan Leigh Band

Tuesday, September 12th


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We had an National Anthem contest when John Timmy in the morning and again many many many contestants. Some qualifiers you heard all last week and let's meet our winner right now on Jon and Tammy KS ON we love the fact that our friend Morgan Lee from the lord elite band is joining us we've got some good news for you Morgan congratulations. You my dear in your submission everybody went online and voted voted voted in there were so many votes it was awesome. But you came out the Victor importantly in the Morgan Lee beyond. For our National Anthem contacts. I am excited thinking I thought it. Now this means you sing in the National Anthem at the Padres game the singing the National Anthem at the Susan G. Komen race for cure and you are singing the National Anthem. At KS Owens country fest Christmas tens of thousands of people Morgan. Intimidating a little bit. So once you explain. What won you this contest obvious you guys are super talent even and the great group in this area for a long time tell the story about how this video emerged. Now we knew where playing a life or act cream marrying and we had actually time. And there isn't there well backstage and we decided you know like let me cool video. And being tried to July. And the National Anthem being at our that we cannot. There on it being leader decided Cano. But we checked in got to see how we deal and you know I think they're that country back and both her and you know like a leak. It went ten million views. They don't sell yourself short it was tremendously performed to you guys sound so beautiful together. So when you do when you get a million views of a video and FaceBook to Zuckerberg give you call the I got I get edible arrangements Andrea what a blood what happens there. You know you hope I think the strawberries it's our favorite and hit it like it doesn't feel real diplomatic and number on the screen and but when people they can't stop you gonna go oh my god figure you have anthem and people we got now it kind of look at things and a little bit. Sure it's a beautiful rendition and it won the giant Emmys. National Anthem contest as voted by you and kiss when dot com here is we honor America with a Morgan Lee band and our National Anthem. All of us okay. It ends.