2 Dudes Talking About The Bachelor: Week 6

Wednesday, February 7th


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This is a very sad is I can't believe I'm saying no it's not a very saddened to dudes talking about the bachelor this is awesome because. Sadly. My imitation of Griese crystal and this week at yea. Yeah. He was not given a rose she was. And I know oh good. I need. I mean Asians on Monroe's. This was so confident I mean that everybody was below her honor your your beneath me you're not on my level just the patriots fan on Sunday. So common issues regular Rosen C didn't get line. A severely so for me Brian back Kendall and crystal wore on a date it was a good two on one out it's Friday and crystals basic. And the other doesn't deal with not getting the rose when I get my neck or back into. And so she goes ahead and tells Ari. Actually candles not yet does that worry about herself right at Wright handles not I if she could. And finally got Smart. And he you can tell he acted he's got a very discovered colored look and yeah so I don't know I have yet it was these are totally like something's something's a market boom boom. Oh yeah. Cook something sparked an I don't know over there a better than the federal the dark side you know men anyway but the so. So of course all Ari does is who Kendall and say Christian leader of a lot and she's it will really hit yeah I am. Claus came out but I don't like it because she kind of confronted great ads and I actually John these notes on who's who's a priceless it was quite. About it I priceless but because Kendall looks there is so Ari says crystal they did the I was ready for love. Canada what will make you sit a lie classic crystal. They can't talk about yeah. I had a giant iron and I. And here's the thing though. I'm women answer. Who makes fun of now. Beckham back at the young Beckett is too young and I and the founder and I can't Lieber juice box I don't ever a that's remake how to prevent me like eight after she wants the big crayons so she can hang on slick they would like that Jesus where when he will be answered with a big Koran I think I couldn't see much does. Look at best a I'm sorry I is that we arguments are so many people above us I can't stand this guy. No I I can't. Stand him now he he kisses like he's like madly level all of whom there's tongue there's grab the back of they have all it's always better and this is that's his big move.