Friday, August 25th


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I mention it's also a son Jay behind the might zero. Beautiful faces to look upon today welcome everybody how we go and I think I. Einstein bagels and catering for helping us out enjoy yourself as a delicious bagels and pastry and remember Einstein bagels and catering. Does deliver as well now we have a birthday girl in the room. Tell me it's the birthday. Does the Berkeley princess Ashlee gave it away you arbor differences what's your name. My name is key on and I just in nineteen today. You probably be. I was definitely lyzard then you're less than when you yeah. I'd like I am very you know so much more and you just like one hours of sleep for twelve hours sleep good lord who is always a city. Not tonight I guarantee that these cameras and what do you what do you celebrate. Time will all I hear. Only the desperate they get taken all my car. I've gone and we also don't make it. It's. Our. I work later okay definitely wanna keep celebrating a week and ran what do you do. Com I'm a student and then I Wear at a pizza place and then we called pizza place him giving the young for your birth in two months or do you want your money always you know I want my day job. So throughout the morning. We are gonna be doing our show live here today alike column to Hollywood knowledge with a splendid things for you enjoy as well including. Our summer of 101000 tickets if you wanna be apart. Of our I guess studio audience for our John Candy behind the Mike series is very simple to divvy up volume to do is go to kiss ON dot com and click on our contest page in sign yourself up. Again I think it Einstein bagels in catering for helping a solid breakfast as well.