Friday, August 25th


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This is Genentech pennies high of 5000. Hometown he rode tool thanking our he. News with a high of five or gold 5000 high times. John Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour continues. And we think our friends at horrible cruises and events for helping us award. A hero here in San Diego we see you good morning to marine and Ryan good morning Ryan. More and we always start out by thinking of for your service so let me just go ahead and say that they can now we. Courage that you who and we have to do this through the phone that's our high five. And here comes. Here comes by Iran. That's a little bit higher lives through the phone and I was very special to you. Ryan's hometown hero number 3985. All right so your time Marine Corps well and ensure almost four years now. I'm about to get out yeah. I'm an engineering troop got to do a lot of cool stuff parade the biggest highlights and did produce some humanitarian mission. We're actually getting the help people around which fruits. Bet here opened. Nevada was Manny is something specific from morals missions that really stands out for your. Yeah I'm actually. Pure well water so we actually. We're in some island in the South Pacific where. That people are better and our bureau furlough on or guard got picture out water that. Do that is so sold great I mean nothing more than a lot of sustaining life for people. Yet there. It was awful. You know and you can tell to responsibility you don't take lightly then good for you. The wall and think you've firm for your heart's here as well as your service in three wards you we're gonna set you up on a horn blower dinner cruise have you ever done one of these. By now I have an that actually perfect because it's not like an hour later on doing that we're about to be even. California it's and that's our look what I think rich you learn to do so you were gonna. Ryan we give them a pricey desserts also pushed. The birth control where he won easily the marine though yeah I'll definitely take you back. There I'm worried yes I do next. I'm we're heading back to Kentucky. That's where we're both richly truck. So you're going home. That's feel pretty dull bit freaky isu and apps you'll never ever. Ever not have us with you all very well all right enjoy your cruise enjoy the city while you're here. And thanks again Ryan are bigger over much done Jimmy's high 5000 hometown hero tour presented by a formal or cruises and events.