Friday, August 25th


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It's up. And. Are you excited to play next Thursday. Our border as a Vietnamese got three bits of audio for us from a specific year. Will listen to what she's got for us he'll pick what you think it happened and first I shall go second good luck to. Here we go listen up and I'll explain them afterwards state your name being. Rather blunt pricy. Longing. And wanted to have been closed to the summit of mount. Boy Tom boot. And mom to call or a right of way you realize and I realize he's in trouble you believe that Mathieu court realized you were in trouble. And just picked you out. And tipped you off stage for how. So we have finding me now won't. Also when Roy horn of Siegfried and Roy was bitten by their tiger. And Dirks belies what was I thinking with the top songs and our eyes Sophia what year do you think that all went down. You. He. Sat in an old nanny and that year it honorable way and they plan. Lag and that way my goal now no I hate Asia angle at that round he doesn't. 2003. Early just hang out with friends and tell you I started 2000 together. Yeah you're. Two radio stations in Madison before we moved to San Diego we were introduced to Dirks Bentley because it and it is Dirks to accidentally found English sooner. That was in early two thousands. I'm gonna say 2002. Sorry John you are and so is right. Yeah. I. Only did you beat me in them that that Harley yes and throwback Thursday but you are going to see seasonal dean. A I couldn't be more serious. All was so. Trophy as the summer 101000 tickets you rock have a great day.