Thursday, August 24th


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Did you get those cheap sheet answers we gave up yesterday at 440. Did we had a girl good thing here we go. Poor judgment LV walked off the set of this live television show this week. After fellow judge Simon Cowell compared to magic act gone wrong to her wedding night but not before she doused Cole with the water. What show my talking about. Our. Dealers with fans are slightly as the singer announced a new record dropping in November it'll probably be another pop record. Public country records to tailor make 34 or five. Pour the real housewives of New Jersey season each trailer dropped with a shocking return of the original villainous Danielle stop. Which current house wife famously flipped that table at her. Kick you know I have no idea. Mark Wahlberg is the highest paid actor in the world raking in sixty million dollars over the past year. He was the executive producer of this HBO show from 222014. Starring Steve Buscemi abolish eighty Atlantic City politician. During prohibition. Name of the show. Order. And finally although we have no idea what happened singer actor retirees Gibson. Seemed to recovering very well from recent surgery he had. Retirees play in the fast and the furious franchise. You know the interest could. Jacqueline I have. Right yeah yeah yeah yeah. That's what's happening in your life today or Ellie do I here in town chaired John we packed up well we all now I'm and now I won't. Chile's quizzed me on her name as soon and if if if every time. West central IGG get she'd get because you had makeup on or no makeup on I still got right. And it. And my hat yeah. Yeah and I rocked it did not that. Any death did two out of five today okay that. Judge Mel B walked off the set of this live television show this week after fellow judge Simon Cowell compared to magic act on wrong to her wedding night. But not before she doused him with water. What show am I talking about America's Got Talent. America's Got Talent is right that new day as he's walked off live television. There wells like what are you doing what's happening here. It's 11 Taylor swift's fans are site is a senior announce a new record dropping in November. It'll probably be another pop record public Kutcher is a tailor made 345. Let's see this as her. Sixth seeded one pot so for this right it is Taylor swift's fearless speak now in red. Millions upon millions upon millions of copies of those records were sold it's too to Beth knew that the real housewives of New Jersey sees it each trailer dropped. With the Shockey return of the original villain. Danielle stop. But if it's trying to get some dramatic very it is which current housewife he was he flipped that table letter that would be trees is who they're so stable. If you have always easily completely frightening. YouTube that clip of threesome with your table and then freeze frame when she flipped that table on her face right it's like she became. The gamble and death did not know that she was said Becky good guess it's 32 Tammy. Mark Wahlberg now the highest paid actor in the world raking in sixty million dollars over the past year. He was the executive producer of this HBO show from 2010 to 2014. Starring Steve Buscemi about a shady lending to be politician during prohibition in the show. I don't remember. Great great show called boardwalk empire well yes death went with boardwalk. I waited for it and never drop the empire bathroom. Aaron. It's still three to Tammy and finally. Although we've got no idea what happened singer tiger Reese Gibson's he's recovering well from a recent surgery he had whose tiny Reese played in the fast and furious franchise. Well since I've never seen a single line. Let's just go with. Let's go Wiki please type. The tiger I don't know I've never seen the movies ever tiger interest in a battle at Jack more practical again still very wrong. Romans was his name today Tammy wins by a score 322. Betsy the winner money. But you do get a nice prizes for hang in this morning yes you do we have appeared to guess you'd go see Luke Bryan Brett eldredge and Granger significantly mattress from have a theatre October 27. Better enjoy that is part of summer 101000 tickets but before really we do of this VoIP. Hi I'm Beth McMahon. And I learned that can be caused the college.