Wednesday, August 23rd


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Donna jamming in the morning in San Diego's number one for new country KS ON Brittany is in lakeside to play. It's time today. How we get to one of us gets a lie and Britney gets to win brittney how laureate. Britney be honest with us really how are you we understand your first day of college. It is but I'm excited about it. Good he should be excited what are you going to school for many. I'm even man like to be at neonatal. Oh wow so. While we have a Smart when your giant moon and I'm Obama tell them. What to tell him to listen to this show. Thank you. Britain thank you for roughing it this morning with us and we're rebellious or about one of our college experiences you're job is despise the lie evenly with us. Perfect okay good luck to. Tenuous start sure Britney my first year of college I got an app and human development. Because I never showed up to class because I forgot I took that. Britney in not one of my best moments in college eyes once drunk dialed. My mom. Our I breading on your first day to be a neo Natal doctor. Also my first major militant. That's not how the other quietly yeah. Com. I don't think it jumped back. I'm gonna say that year it will hire. Them. And I wish I wish your faith in the was right but no at Ellison I'm proudest moment but let's happens to everybody in college once while. Brief he does yes it should at least aren't going to moderate like yeah drug program is is that is a very two arduous race. I was out late and one of my friends. From my hometown was driving down to see me but he had to wait until. After he got off the works I was expecting him to about 103011. O'clock at night in back in the day that was like earlier right. So we all went to a party beforehand and then I went back to my dorm to wait for my friend. But he didn't get there and is at midnight and get nervous and you know when you get nervous on Somalia couple beverages may be here and there so I decide I want coldly Kia. And in this is before cell phones so I had to call his home. So I call his home. And of theory wearied. Woman and Susan who. I'm so sorry to bother you displayed put his Charlie there. And there's a real brief pause here. Should. And I'm like. Mom. And she's like oh go to bed Heidi great. Call. Can I nazism. And initiatives like. I realize that every every cent they were spending on Colin was going to on the dream that exact moments yet not my best moment ecology pretty but one of many memories in the seven years I was there the I. And I am. And I'm not a doctor and you're going to be hot pop.