Tuesday, August 22nd


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All right John jammies employment. After deployment got some special guests and yes right you now let's first figure more into Wendy's mark court correct it is and I green. Wendy's branch manager Kelly Services in San Diego we also be Michelle Mario. Former candidate John Tim is a good morning yeah. Yeah deployment we're so happy that you are still employed I am happy to be employ and helping veterans right. Thanks for was what this is all but absolutely silly if we think you for that because yes some exciting stuff coming up to help others go ahead. We do and I went after all so personal thank you so much for having a new ban on your show. We're so excited. With what we're doing and Kelly Services at the moment Tom you know senior being one of the largest military Hobbs. With about 151000 service members transitioning out of the military in San Diego every year we find that about half of that number are relocating to other states I mean we're able to identify a lot of gaps in regards to why they're mean being. Cost of live being not being able to find jobs and so here in San Diego at Kelly. We are partnering with our veterans to ensure that they have that additional resource. In regards to jobs seeking now in the last six months seen Michelle how many veterans have you hired seventy period. Well you know it's got up and how much I'm not here either thought hey I. And cost them the most we have with us and I'm we have one of our time recently transitioned batter and Steven Gonzales he served in the united states army. As a scout sniper and now he's a and an employee didn't matter and we have a. Thank you for your service and take your being here as well as the great thing that your own doing when they think she LT share your story. I got out December and I actually reached out to Kelly services and actually help me out quite some bit because I was kind of loss doesn't limbo I didn't know I actually look for job is I was in the service for six years. And they don't kind of help us out too much to find jobs BM saw I reached out to in show she actually help me get a job it was pretty pretty quick and pretty simple ominous pretty straightforward and I was hired pretty much within like two weeks so sure plus the stress of knowing that you're about to get out and not. Not knowing what you were about to do the last month is when it hits you and for me was pretty stressful I was injured now Afghanistan a couple times so I had disability I can follow on but you know I want to work I got allies to know what to do I didn't have the resources to go until it for a job so I reached out themed show and she was a keynote come see me at this. Job fair I went out there you know. We spoke we had a little an interview NM two weeks after that had a job so we have some right now who. May be getting ready to transition our nose they're going to how can they get a hold of you actually you know what just save time we've got the phone number and the email for Kelly Services here. If this interest you call the studio is 61957. Though number 1973. Donna Tammy and and this is exactly what we're doing here this is very close to our hearts our team is made up both of veterans and military spouses. Michelle and you know as you know is a retired marine course stuff surge it. We have Mike on our team who is also rip retired navy and I'm military spouse let my husband's chief petty officer and maybe how many shots I. All right thank you very much Kelly services and we have all the information for you here's give us a call our studio. And I will let you know the hook up that you need to get employee get transitioned into civilian life that applies to you John came as employment. After deployment thanks everybody.