Tuesday, August 22nd


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John intending babysitting. Is going on as persistent as brought. Her baby Claire in this week because of substance daycare snafus and though I love obviously. I thought he works I think she's the quiet this smiley as friendly as baby intrusion I always like this producers to. I should not always like this by borrowed baby we're still posting them on videos including what you found my stroller that's been their for money is that okay. Used to be edible uncles Lindell is winning SP two is right now as I've got a baby strapped to righteous hmmm I don't staff even doing so. It colds when Dell's killer right now with his single flat liner. Oh came in Hoya. Dirt wherever I am a DB strapped to my just greens. I don't know yet here's the scary part called snag he has. All I'm sort of migrate the rumor. The BBB or strapped to my chest pretty well better be B were today so an uncle John's I'm filling in and are going to be after the I'm toll Killen at the same rates and I don't paranoia though. Customize and we got radio won't actually everything that. I got a lot of talent around. How are you the baby sitter not. That might be men about it and a. Not a miracle window Coles going to be into on this Friday wind Dirks Bentley and a jump party the California kid himself called you guys aren't the road on this tour is anybody even pulling any pranks on each other. You know can functioning of the tumor sometime and haven't watched about Q what's going on. I haven't been totally trying to commute on the Turks and John party they've been. I think based tour together before then they're like almost seven but it won't so the weekend. The sort darts or look like that after about that he has ties to these pictures of Johnson Japan bank he was I don't crawl around the backstage area and there was nothing like me it was just parties are there some more aren't so I'm. I'll share on common. But that took me out not by the typical level poultry. And yet they're not getting around that when you do what they're so it was. That's totally true where with colds when bill calls going to be in town this Friday with Turks and John party we were so stoked about the success of flat liner on on what's is becoming. A is a marvelous. Party your career with you should be here the of the entire album you came into our studio cold I had a conversation right before you should be your came out. And cold you you knew that this was a special project did you not. Yeah I am and I'm a bit this album that brought in especially the song. You should do you look at he's not ever relational then personal. But I did not I will write about it. We will on what scale it was gonna such coupon and it is coming from from now on to a you know it in the main driver I'm gonna stores about there should be sort of not by me. You know that is the absolute world to make a combats wobbly it's round writers are. What helps somebody whether that gay couple out on up through the law local. I. To me I've described what about the lots of low or any club or the apartment on. When I hear that's on it it's special to me I lost my mom she is only 43 years old I was only 21. And and so like when I was sad song and I think about appreciating get to do MP in this part of my life now being in radio and going to concerts and doing well because she would only god she was so cute she would have absolutely loved this it does make me sad. It really doesn't I I I try to smile on my putter in situations now. Right and that's been a exactly and that's what I want this but the only. We we targets and so a lot of school does do we love and and that's bachelor that's all by the not so much about. Losing on the it's about you know just question I we're here actually other and beat these moments that are local for a moment it would be that much solar we have that. That one you know person. It's certainly something to think about earlier that some perform live this Friday called. I'm happy that they are glad that. Back of the country over the that's what it. You'll selfless and speaking we're glad you guys are doing on a Friday only to be up early and actually it's actually in how a great time so we're excited for that. I am I think clearly Amy I think maybe Claire selling her paper Johnson just I talk talk talk well all I'm. Under. Kurt and acts I was gonna Warman here Carlos and that. Our ankles when dealt John party and of course Turks best lead this Friday mattress firm ample theater tickets still out and KS ON dot com. Call can't wait to see you Friday and continue this conversation you such a good dude man. Yet yet commodity character and treat it like at a 77. So rich well. Well you okay. Our goal all be just that guy held. I'm LC if Michael yo what what these. Even have big cars is by our that it hit it today at dad's death for your mom or your memory chest. And they'll sing by BB clearing invading their did deuce of the years of your biggest F.