Tuesday, August 22nd


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Decision. Healy is in Oceanside Healy we always start off. 12 Samoa the warning do you. Sorry but you're the first person here the clip it's a little more difficult for you then we'll be for anybody else so that in mind I'm content and here comes your 12 cinema check it out. I mean and I have a lot. And again I don't know given out of about. All right Healy what is that 12 cinema. Oh I get as I have no clue I got that particularly right. I. You could about the city. It's only big Sunnis and yeah I think that kind of anger much good. RA we're gonna go to might keep from lakeside might he listen up tier 12 cinema yeah. Limbaugh and again I know the little Mikey what is this 12 a cinema. Almighty. Is that Bruce almighty. In other news that. My apologies. I didn't think. I don't know yeah. Wanna go on record we job Mikey I wanna go on record what do I say you said it was too easy. Not that that wasn't a great call Mikey well done you have 112 cinema but usually. This thing goes on for a little while longer now we've got nothing to do my piece of the shows in your hands go. I. Yeah discipline significantly you don't. And why won't go and all right honey we've got a pair of tickets to go see Jason Al Venus Saturday October 7. At the mattress firm into theatre all of that. Are on the island I have a lot. Perfect. Hey Mike you think you play one seconds in the congratulations and enjoy the show it's part of canceling summer of 101000 tickets are.