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Tuesday, April 5th


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Attending Friday June 2 day. I had Sammy. This show in the west. Bring users death in his her birthday today and I am tired your own personal music finish up front minstrel in rain will clip from the move through a series. Okay. It also pledging to our party in the studio we are about to go FaceBook live and how Long Will 321. And we will. It was just a birthday yeah totally and my best behavior not only as an am smiling in the case against him before and I. Yeah we're not camp at all right Bruce is desperate days on everyone's mind. I did so yesterday and let it that they have taken that birders there's that's a bit today and coupon queens apparently I can cut the top off went Mike fox and he'd work for me I don't dare I don't India and I gave me. Beautiful memory. I promise to me and enjoy that somehow they get a mention okay Hollywood I you know happy anniversary or happy thugs looking at pace I'm sick and her silicon. Like Clinton a little groups we love celebrating local musicians here on KS are wondering right attuned Tuesday. What have you done here I understand you're actually this kind of participation type deal this is the music Bible admit today I took from one of our blue crew songs all the words are knew nice all the words and knew the based on sets birthday. John and Tammy have to actually help me celebrate a day night. Com so yet as the base are some pirate holiday but I turned it into a cowgirls burn them. You know employers thousands of counter. Yes you. We'll get to emerge as a visionary have a good time ago. Hits us. Today he will celebrate the king as the land away. OK. Okay. I get from Sheldon I think it's Blake looks like I'm city arcade hit down girls I've heard okay you ready guys. He thought I'm young everybody cancer care. Yeah how we're so glad to step this year and beyond high yacht toaster like the rays up there it's that's. Heard the the DA. OK Nate and help me here hey cal folks it's harder. Aussies and cattle that needs a Rosalind let saddle up are the horses to get to work and no time. Why nots. I can name very down. I've heard okay. EA show party and hurt out there away and eight and you'll go to bed before the sun shall stay home because she is the momma cow girl at prayers. Hey hey hey hey yeah. He all of the guy everybody can't sustain that. Yeah we know that's that's the Goobuntu Lena. Yeah maybe John what we thought we got that. Maybe he has dummy out again now. Go home. Zero the other needs a win in let's saddle of a regular records. But lineup had some. Boy he off my young man until we got engaged in the yeah I hope they have not doing great and I think that Joseph we should they gave up seven is very yeah. Out barrels where they gave. Kids dads. Learned I. Okay. I am happy birthday when. I. I love John when is that the mean by inside Iran between nine. And. He has been really time. The studio at. I actually think yeah you can plug now that's how yeah actually we have for a full band shows next week it's pretty quiet this week but one of the fun ones we do. Is next Saturday April 16 we call it brew in crew and they actually play an iron just through ring brewing up in just and all the families come out on this food truck and re does Italian I will be there and we'll. We do a show and the people of the time noon couldn't agree more and more fun as oppose this boring you. I'm on I just men of the sponge owes me. We do realize oh I mean turning into it again yeah I was wrong. Obama here the blue crew for a party for Obama's Obama. Performance of you know you kind of subdued crude dot com really easy to him and Hank Hill here visions I was grace and birthdays death.