Interview: Josh Gad

Tuesday, June 7th


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Obama sure you're fearful frozen aged kids are in school yet but if they're not let them know. There were about a talked a whole lot of from the movie frozen and I'm talking like in seconds Josh gad joins us from Johnson in the morning. A San Diego's number one for new country gasoline is eight elevenths and we'll have seventy's at the coast today and eighties imprint. Our next guest managed to steal the movie frozen out from two princesses and the same time became an iconic Disney character. You know him as a whole lot. Frozen and he most popular. Animated Disney movie of all time you should also known as Josh dad shot it's great to document thank you for being here court I think it. Big fan I might say huge fan. The New York. I think you can think you're triple cricket world. Huge fan of the work of just get. Thank you all right Josh again we just got the opportunity to go to Disneyland last week in the world premiere of frozen to the live show at Disneyland. And the young man that played it all off. It was very awesome I'm wondering. When you know what you're. I was get a very good guys did very good jobs get imitation how's that. A moral right there. When when you get that gig didn't he you don't really realize just how gigantic that's going to be doing you know. So I had no idea in fact I I knew it was funny because I was involved in another latest project that the thousands. There was sort of like the other one looked like it was going to go before frozen and I was wasn't able to do first. And even during the process of making a movie it was like this is going to be a really cute great sounds and I went to the first screening of it that Jon Lester held serve to cast. And I could not believe you. How. Transcended it was it was anything it brought me back so like the movie that I grew up with in terms of like Aladdin beauty of the feature Little Mermaid. And I was just like transport and I'm like man this is my wife looked at me and she the most cynical critical person I know in my life when it comes to what do you. And she looked at me and usually she says that was awful I. Can look that the instinct well this one's really good this was pretty special. I was like oh this could mean this could be something really good. We're chatting this morning with Josh again of course the star of frozen all off also in the new Angry Birds movie if we go back to the live frozen show at Disney we have to tell you that. When we got to see the opening this is what those stodgy industry people. When all loss came out. Everyone lost their minds I mean Olof absolutely stole the show we you're a part of that I mean what does that feel like. No well you know what I but it was it was one of those things that as a kid I remember going to see some rough williams' performance that the tree or a Latin. And I remembered thinking to myself my god I wanna do something like that one day if he would just be seen. Don't you think you'll realm that I had never seen before and it would suction truly liberating performance. And becoming an iconic beautiful character is something that. I always dreamed of but never expect it to you sir Derek and myself that are a part of that universe. And that hour and a character that people. Can relate to you can't put people people off including my daughters who urges both. I don't. And in Georgia Delano legs radio in my an explosive that's awesome but I'm. There are over it man they're absolutely done with that Eric daddy's. Going that might like asking me the other day he had a bunch of movies out. And they would between. Tangled. And and I I picked dinosaur and frozen. And like himself entangled in my life you know you watch frozen and it alongside. And my daughter without flipping of people looked at my lesson says mommy work overflows. All right so here. I just dads are I guess I've met him injure your old daddy get to have. Half the things I want to talk about but we're getting the wrap up Josh we appreciate your passion we appreciate your tale thanks for sharing them both with a list this morning. I think you guys Democrat Leon that was the most fun I've had this morning by the. All right John thanks to say that Josh appreciate it we got some people are worst penalty for him. Just talked all off he hit me.