Write A Tune Tuesday - June 7th, 2016

Tuesday, June 7th


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A lot of. John and Sammy. Hottest show in the West Coast. All right you have spoken that you said don't be stupid and overwhelming theme yeah. A warning at Verizon Tuesday eulogize Tammy and KS on its 740 and eventually we'll have seventy's at the coast and eighties inland are. Our future does indeed musicians of the week the more relieved and is now. You know the only all well maybe some deal you find out firsthand. But we sell ten million records become diamond status I think is your tenth time since I arrived in Tuesday which we've got our diamond Greg diamond require. He I DN. Hillary flag warnings and it. Null that was the that's an expired food marketing machine and once again I'll have. OK Morgan houses all thing won't work out how you deal so we had a lot of people calling in and is saying how stupid every owners on the freeway and in their Conner yeah. So we decided to go if not OK don't be stupid now last hour you teasing me is that I was in middle of being to fulfill some of my vocal dreams and be a part of this is that's still happening or what's happening it is. I gotta say is you can't fix stupid. Think right now announcement and. Yeah yeah he gonna. Canada TE. Yeah they can't. So I do I say the Lola Lola using a man Palestinians saying it and so on June giving glad about that you've done on. You can't they exe event. My dad yeah right and he can't fix stupid are. Had they done closed his eyes and simple blood and gore and I have to I have to Felix big Celine did John Pitney a professor at Philly and John. All right this is more really than this is right June Tuesday in the song is you can't they just can't fix it and fix stupid I did Tuesday drag guys. You wind data and mini so. I'll let you Lulu. Yeah it's cat scan on him flown. Well Mary Ann Stone. Did you use a blanket same. Her any. News. Kill our Marines and paying. Run and standing in in the and Saint Andrews. On playing again hang he has been landing and then and believe. Don't plan on him made it's big you can dump these sentence who Betty. They can't fix you. On night again. Kim. Yes and then and that. Yeah me. Yeah me insane. Have a leg and that has. I. Not go and you. Okay. Come on her way again hanging. Landing get them. AM. I'll take him around them love at Johns and Linney get you aid and Betty. They can't fit steal then yeah. You can't fix stupid got a boy oh boy no did you VA area herb. You can't say zubaydah was. Yeah. I'm. Featuring John well yeah slower pace. I believe that John thank you thank you more relief that is awesome you can see them aware someday soon we are going to be asked the music back tonight with Kevin Fallon cells. The big gig tonight you get up early this morning after making the value of everything he's seen so thrilled thank you that. Gentlemen we did think it says it just dawned on me yeah we'll be at the very next week and June 16 as well 230 good. As he takes out there and NASA a lot of other dates of threads here and we can find them where I started at UW find them where Morgan only band dot com and. He has killed again that you're going back for eleven. Thank you I guess it's just been signed. An eleven time you're writing on Tuesday.