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Good morning and welcome to another edition of living veteran San Diego public service presentation of the Entercom San Diego radio stations and Garry lake. To his mission is a local organization that is helping mother Lisk girls get through the tough times and crucial milestones in their lives there. All about nurturing and mentoring these girls in a safe and supportive environment. It was mission by the way it was the feature cover story in a recent issue. Of the reader joining us this morning to talk about the services they provide marvelous girls is to his mission founders. Lindsay Ruiz and Mira Sam want welcome Lindsay. Welcome my high pain. Great city ladies again. It's and what about a year since your on the show very young little Indian house and it's really great to see you open it you know you're always supporting and salad it's really great to be back. Now when you're gonna show last year. It was what several years since she started to his mission. It was Tino to his mission was incorporated in 2010 back in Texas so you know we're going on and on six years of house now. And and a lot has happened just in the last year. A lot has that transmission so. How about a little background information on the organization shirt and so IE I started to his mission in 2010. Pack in Texas and you know I didn't wanna do it by myself I really wanted to co-founder Hugh really had the same drive and passion patent. You know just. Have the same idea that I did and you know luckily MMI or end 2000 and the last thing we were working missing school and email from the first say that we met we kind of bonded in an opened up to each other about how would you know we both lost their moms and I eighteen to her and said you know hey I started this nonprofit in and they really need. A partner to really help me T get to where I want it to go and you know she immediately had I don't even think I finished the sentence before she said yes cell. You know I knew I had found the perfect. Matched up perfect sister's cell so here we are in San Diego was so he started it in Texas and that's where he met Meyer until there and how you end up in San Diego so. I went to school here in San Diego and and work here. And landmarks my mom in 2010. I moved back to Houston Graham from and that's climate land sea. And she told me slams at this organization. But I didn't really became really have contact there or the support. And I told her if this is gonna happen it's gonna happen San Diego. And my boss asks me if I wanted to come back so I did and then be followed me a year later. And we file the paperwork and we launched in April 2015. To just little over a year ago. But started originally yeah. And the Texas in 2010 and exactly you know I really wanted to continue it in Texas study you know like my Irish side I think we had a lot more supports. A lot more contacts out here so you know that's how much they trust her and believe in heard. I pretty much left everything IE I didn't even have a job coming out here. I'm so you know we believe in it and we believe in ourselves and we're not gonna give up we're gonna keep going and who's to. So sure as my mother and she actually had that mean. And nickname as a child in it mean to me a little Q beautiful and it kinda just stuck with her. As she grew up in. That's Harry when you are I didn't even know her by her real name and of course I called her mom but heck I even knew there is Sheila so. So I just thought that it would just be really you know it's it's fitting to you actually name it after her and honor of her end. You know makes me happy when people said it all the time you know fell. And plus like a beautiful mission could be translated exactly. And you know I I kind of like hidden meanings and in names and you know mission can be you know a place to seek refuge which is what week. We wanna have eventually for these girls and you know mission is kind of you know. Our vision like what we're wanting to do and how we're wanting to change. Really the world with this organization. So what is the mission and four. She was mentioned. So you know we're here to help nurture mother Alice girls and and to you know give them the tools in the lifestyles that they need to grow up to be successful young women. It's pretty much you know what oracle it's deserved a particular age group that you work with. Right now we're focusing on 1113. But we don't want turning anyone away. We figured that each group is probably the most vulnerable time like middle school but again we are not and turn anyone away. And why is it to mean losing parent difficult no matter what. What is it now. About a true girls losing their mother. You know for me I feel. You know your mom this is the nurturing. One and ends your complex science and at least that's how my relationship was with my mother and EU. You know your mom went through everything they you're going to go through and you know hitting puberty that's why we're trying to focus on that each group eleven to thirteen and you know that's that's some very crucial moment when. You know you're not gonna go to your dad for advice and include your mom for advice and she's really there to teach you. How. To be one. How it's not like a woman how to act like a Levy she's really there T you kind of molds you and to teach you all the life skills that you need. TUU. Recent media life and you businesswoman liar. You know it's a really big support system and to not how it in his. Is very painful and any can be very tragic and we will enemy can't just easier for these girls who don't wanna replace mom we just make it easier for them to get through life without there. Kind of like a transition without compact thing. Now come I'm sticking to his mission is the first of its kind in the US. It is you know when when it was incorporated in 2010 there is there is nothing like it in the United States and and they and they think since then there have been other organizations that have popped up it. You know we've really focused sign. Nurturing and mentoring and yeah I really nurturing mentoring them and we're not just going to become an after school program with cheering and you know and academics you know we've really wanna teach them. Life skills and an and coping skills and how to really get through all the tough times without a mother and to meet the right decisions. And to go on the right path. And you know we wanna be a life long. Influence in life so this isn't just for a semester or for a summer 23 year we really wanna be with them. Through all of the important milestones. And I'm telling different from boys and girls I know we get asked a lot of mentoring program you know it's not just. Where you come pick up a little sisters and you may go to the park. I mean all of the bonding hackers. Together and that's center with us and we want it to be lifelong and not just for years and we really wanna teach them everything that their mother taught. Any plans to expand outside of San Diego I would definitely I'm still kind of young organization that we I had visions for that. Oh yes I think only visions for that I'm happens in six years ago. I think in my result is grounding me you know we make a really great you know we're missing couple but I think you're really great team and I think you know but it. I you know I definitely eat one it takes is more along the West Coast and go up the Pacific problem. Coastline and go up into like working in Seattle you know Washington and and then just you know eventually just take it all the way. All the way to the East Coast so be an element conquer the United States and then really go global office where it's really need it and sound. Have you gotten any response from from other areas. Actually I'm me and I believe had I mean yeah yeah Canada I believe. The UK. I've spoken to a couple of women from there actually. You know I spoke to a woman from Africa it. In his interest it and in forming a partnership so you know we. We know there's definitely in need for us. In the United States and all over and work on yeah that looks that's very young very exciting style future looks bright yet definitely and it just got the piece on talking about it you know I was so we're where we're on the right track. Let's talk about some of the services that you provide. These girls before we do that go all you Serbs just take place and Solana Beach and it. Was at the center for healthy lifestyle I can't tell us about that place so it's part of. And it's this is cute little cottage that has living room a guard in. Even have a chicken and caught talkative and it's it's it's adorable in it so cozy and it's exactly what we want to. And so a portion of the rent goes to the Boys and Girls Club as well so we're donating to them and see how we offer basic cooking classes grief counseling an amendment program. Let's start with the cooking classes. These isn't therapeutic cooking classes in art you know we just kind of just clinics you know sit down and they hope you know we all just kind of help thin and cook this awesome meal and just kind of talk about what they did for the day here what they did over the weekend didn't. Then he's a shaft got emailing and in my it was raining I myself the FIA analyst Jeff I am well. Only to consider yeah I think. You know and they taught myself I tell myself fight speaking Christmas cookies for my family every year and then when you're right it's fun monarchy that. Could literally stop all the while list that was kind of growth in the fifth so I just kept practicing in kept practicing in the end you know moved on to cooking. Food and not just speaking in and so I'm glad that I mean we'll see you. You know happy and it looks like he teaches girls how I was tie email just. We're kind of learning as we go in and they learn is well sometimes you know. He might forget an angry you just have to make it work and sometimes it'll fall apart that you just put it back together and now we're not gonna cry over I don't know and you know and it's great because we just kind of sit in bon didn't just talk about every eighteen so it's a lot more than just cooking. Exactly it's where ten of the twelve Sam lean Allen. And then the parents or guardians will come back and we'll we'll eat in and again I have dinner together and Chile rates were some of the things you couldn't sell you know I don't think everything. I'm so hungry right now I got. You know we've kites you know our own macaroni and cheese for the girls involved on our own little pizza is on. We measly chicken pesto is he roasted tomatoes and Parma shine and we've mean you know a little scary crumble in some banana bread and an honor of one apartment where his mother's because that was her favorite recipe Ian. You know I think for next class we haven't they haven't and it keeps so. I'm excited I think we're going to be Kiki can and we're gonna learn how to ice and it's going to be. A lot of fun me chocolate moving out and pity vote out about how often the are these cooking classes. So there every other Wednesday so we Dre classes I monthly brain count. And you know eventually will start to do on every Iranian. And will be able to make this an after school program and we'll have all kinds of different programs going on not just asking for response reaction you getting from. From the girls and and from other family members there's. You know they they love it there is an email that I got from someone and it was really sweet nineteen. The two then family members say thought it was kind of just support group for fundamental group in anonymity email saying. I didn't realize it was so much more than like I've never seen her as happy yes she is now are smiling in pictures. And I think that made us feel really good and you know that's me making a difference yeah I think I could cry and but yeah that was you know and even the mentors the other day one and I'm just emailed us after a session to saint. I just when you guys know that I really appreciate you guys and I'm so happy to be part of this organization. And a credit and yes good. That's really great you know Kleenex yeah. Ali if the path all around the full benefits so we know what we're doing. It's the right thing and in and we level retail so it's there's there's a lot of bonding going on it and it sounds like with all your services probably. I definitely I mean I think it's actually in therapy border for myself and for my era you know me. It's just it's just nice to be in a room with. It is he really even matter how old you are just to know that someone else is gone through what you've gone through and he can Levy. Help somebody along even. You know when you spend longer on your journey and the other one topic it's it's kind of nice to know that we're kind of in it together and and we can get through it together so that's a much better when you can relate. Exactly and that's why this organization is so important you know it when my mom passed away. I was 24 but I didn't know anybody whose mother was gone like my mom and you know my rose one of the first. Women and I had meant that it lots of mom almost around the same time you know Simi just as myself and it was really nice. And it just felt a sense of relief when I met her looks like. I finally you know Ken. Actually half of now she is like when my best friend she's like a sister that email we know what it's like yeah I feel the same waned because. As we know on pretty guarded now. And I seen meeting her. I was able to open up. And and I think it's just because she gets it you know and I have my friends and everyone's been supported by. It's so hard if you haven't meant to rate you just don't get me in a fact that she knows exactly what I'm going through. And there's just something about that and the Bonn and Gary I'm not guarded it yet. That's every emotional. Hey you know there are times where I am emotional and you know and she kind of you know she gives me advice and talks and even on the all their lines but. The Allen and there are times where she's upset and I can and you know give her advice and you know it and it works out to where I don't think there's a time where we won't be both Bennett sat I mean. I mean TV a couple of times but usually it's you know she can get a shot one for me when I needed and then they can be the stars like Harry you know so. Special connect energy that you know that in most definitely is once you. I'm not settling a really do believe our moms got us together and sell. All of our I think even the mentors and Frazier and definitely now I wanna point out too that all your services are free right yes. They are having seeing everything we do and they get their own peaking kit that's free. Every got everything anyone AG we don't warrant for price TB. A consideration and for them to not want to be part of this program so everything is free. And another another service to viewers very important. One is you grief counseling now now these sets sessions sat individual or group sessions. It depends on what the therapist would like he knew. But usually while we're speaking there are foods speaking that's when the girls and the mentors on participate in group therapy or it could be individual it just depends. On the situation. So at all it's all been done pretty much the same time he has so it kind of intertwine and it's a mentor. You know we we don't want it's in really necessarily how'd it feel like a separate entity. I'm so you know the mentors are there we're cooking where cut scene will be keen. And then email the with the girls logo hatton and go with her therapist and Carroll who is in the easing. And they kind of house you know about half an hour they'll go outside weather permitting if it's not to Walton and the old Phil do an activity and then. You know it just so happens once the food is done. They come by cannon and then we all eaten and talked about you know things in and have fun about girls now. Actually get a yeah. Can't really do for you find out a lot of many of the girls come to you in the coming cheated pretty soon after their their mother dies or you know I've noticed that it's been actually eat a little longer. And I and I think you know we just want the communities and you go to know that we're always here and they may not feel comfortable coming right after her and we know we have had some certain you know increase of wondering if we can help them in and maybe it is too soon. And so that's YE you know where we're patient and we want. Everyone to know that when the time's right and when they feel most comfortable to please reach out to us because we are always here end. And we're just here to help them and the girls are in the program right now. Right now we have to you and two mentors. I'm only trying to reach. You know other parts of San Diego and get different locations because I don't transportation as an issue. So we're looking at a different location more closer Billy downtown San Diego or more central San Diego. Right yes Solana Beach brain could be it ensures yeah that especially if you're coming from the south today. And that's right conference so I I I completely understand and can you drive you know associate with the traffic and everything so we wanna meet this is easy as possible. And I think if you were centrally locating more centrally located country as these companies he has the number of girls that are in the program and and how does somebody sign up for. Enough for your services program seeking go to our website to this mission got bored. And on just up the form and will submit our application for any questions you may have. And is it is there a certain length of time that there in the program. No link we want them we wanna be here for them forward. The rest of them I know it sounds intense but you know we really want to crow with them and and it's and it's really up to them and T how long they they feel comfortable sitting in the program we are willing to be there for them life long. So it's it's really their decision and we got one and forcing need time limit order. Or restraints on them so it's it's really it's examine what they feel most comfortable dealing NSA grow our parents are gonna grow with so. That's kind of I hope I mean. We will be there for them winning their first job from the other college and get me Andy Young babies he'll always be exactly like you said at the beginning of the pilgrim. We really need yeah I mean for you really mean we eat I mean winners sonic. I am 31. And you know I still need my mom and you know I wish I could have someone you know talk to me about. Mary engine you know and kids think what that's going to be like so you know I need them until until it. Exactly and so let somebody hit you always in need and well you know I'm Susan Anderson how old I am not. And I'm a guy I got my. And I you know I still need my mom yeah definitely mine you know years ago and now the mentors. These are girls also. Or lady said that have lost their mother to. Yes they are but you don't necessarily have to have lost your mother we have women that want to help. You know still have their mother and they just know how important it is and they just can't imagine. So as long as you're 21 years or older and can meet every other Wednesday he pretty much meet our requirements. And they can contact TPS through the web site web design for the National Guard you have your first. Ever camp coming up this summer camp Elvira. On the theme this session this camp is a fairy tale ending. The name honors your mother might cry yet since guys and we're really really excited president's. I know and well this young girls but even now you know we still want our fairy tale ending I mean we always talk about it. But it's not just about that it's more. I mean I don't know if you've noticed that if if you actually Disney princess movies most of them don't have others you know link aerial and bell. On that yet you know they still have their ferry telling dean and they're so happy and optimistic. Date and carrying and varied depending you know they have really. In spite of the tragedy. The really do. How this positivity and optimism about you know their life and me are very independent ends. Very considerate and they just they keep going. They they don't ever stop you know they don't ever give up and it's kind of the basis of the camp. Him and when is the camp taking place so it takes place August 12 through the fourteenth and each they were gonna have different activities. On for example we were thinking how would aerial honor her mother and we were thinking well maybe she would send a message in a bottle to her mother. And storage you that's a number attendees. Arm scavenger hunt them she lives I think link human human beings so we're gonna definitely do god and you know she's gonna be weakened live on eighteen and it's. You know special activities and a really big surprise at the end it's just exciting for us because you know we get to meet twice a month. At the moment and we're finally going to be together for three days for entire weekend and just really get that opportunity bond that wears it can take place. So mode Jane very gracious Tom Keefe is their ranking house but we'll be renting his house it's a beach house panel Hoya. And we're super excited Bergen and you just watched on film Nicole. Com and gadgets for three days three days of bonding yes and fun yeah yet they have special surprise Disneyland before yeah super excited. That's right that's Hagan and the hole and then I don't I don't the other girls don't know. Certainly won't be up this morning I know I can't. Please connect Aetna a spoiler alert at. So and again the dates. August 12 to the fourteenth. And and kids that that will go to this camp. The ones that are in your program and any any motherless girl signed up. Mean you know any medalist Carl can trying to pin if they're interested they can go to our web site to listen machine dot org right now it's it's them mentors in the men's tees it. And you know we're excited to see. You know what can happen so they did a great way to get the word out about what don't you kids come to the campus they may follow through and continue. Exactly. And so far we've raised 31000. Sometimes the retirees 3000. Times so if you pay attention helping. You can go to our website to the events page or go to classy dot org and each is search Campo Byron no pop. And you are nonprofit so funding very important and again if it if I recall from the last time here on the show. He started this out of your own pocket money out of your own pie he started to this mission that win him a lot of the money. For quite awhile cain's directly from the both of you. So where else do you get your funding. So we get our trending. Most coming through donations. And you know we also have a fund raiser that comes up you know in January we had the first annual sugar and spice this past January which was. Pretty amazing had a really great time and raise a lot of funds and awareness so we're gonna continue to how about every year. And then you know it's indiscriminate. You know. Are awesome PR firm you know skits and Daniels love you guys who you know they've held sends. You know it's to help us getting the word out an and that's really cared donations as well you know whether we're in the and in the news alert in print and radio. We can't do this without them so. They've been amazing so we wanna. To skittish to them we allow them. Then they are great I I will I will add to them well and and I was at death you address. He was again it was greatly needed time Wimbledon is very good he's application agree yes. It was really nice events so I look forward to the next one next year and you definitely invited every year and then hit it down so people wanna make a donation. They can do data to web site about volunteers. What kind of volunteer opportunities. Siphon mentors. We are actually looking for board members so if there's anyone out there that went volunteer their time. They can go to our website and looking for an executive director and just marketing committee fund everything. That's really important that's right now you know definitely we need someone Knight is very need. Has email has a lot of contacts in the community in his very. Passionate thinking oh yeah passionate and you know is is willing to. Support us and we're willing to support them and you know just help us grow. This organization to to where we know it can be so that's really what we're. And we're always here for the young mother was scrolls as well that's our biggest and number one is. Is to let them know that we're here and we're here to help them in in to reach out to us. So any motherless girl listening this morning or worse somebody else that knows of one examine them for them to get ahold of you suggested and it doesn't have to be on your death. You know I think a lot of people sometimes can levee confused. That's good in points and they think that it just means both to death but it's also whether they've been banned in. Whether their mom is incarcerated. Or even in military and came on. Moms are on for a long. Periods of time. And you know. We want this one will send him back. Most don't let you mention that because that was something that I I didn't even think of myself you know I was thought of as being a mother who's deceased more so it's good that you. Made that clear so again year your website to a mission dot org and you social media yet policy on these spoke to this nation on Twitter. And Ansa Graham and interest. And can't tell viral one more time the dates and how they can sign up for that so are rested its August after the fourteenth and you can go to our. But I transmission dot org. And if you like to donate eating better classy dot board and tightening cap I'll fire. Oh great Lindsey Mira always pleasure seeing both of you think things are renowned children's day continued success to his mission you're doing shows I think you know things yes. By that concludes another edition of living veteran San Diego the opinions expressed on living veteran San Diego do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the staff and management. Of the Entercom San Diego radio stations episodes of living better than San Diego are available on the station's website. Until next time I'm Gary they have a great week.