Interview: Drew Baldridge

Monday, June 6th


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I said before I'll say it again I got to build it. Just professional crush on Taylor Swift she just while we get over the weekend. Surprise a fan Saturday at his wedding in New Jersey and saying her song blank space for the newly wed July. Because she heard that he had danced to the song with his sick mother several months ago in her hospital room not long before she died and as he showed up for the wedding reception with a gift by the way Super Bowl with a gift for anyway she asked to come on. Welcome timetable in the morning where you're about to be drew Baldridge countries as far as this Saturday in San Diego's number one for new country KSL and a little bit of clouds this morning for upper sixties to upper seventies country fest this Saturday and it features this brand new artist who Baldridge whose new song kiss was called dance with him. Drew it's good to meet you were super excited to watch you perform live the country fast this Saturday in Oceanside. Man we can't wait either can bigger gun. Have you ever been out this way California before hunt. We've been out there that are the station mom was always count other vendors so it only about an hour I got the in San Diego. What what jurors talk about where these radio tour is that these artists have to do I know it's part of the job and finally all lines they allow the jury okay. It's okay for a longer. But it is really a must be a real drag me into it it's like. So we'll put O a a wonderful state when you're starving and then taking an always daily candy that to get the plane let's go we got another another state cannot eat. I mean that's the religious right. Yeah earlier than you know sometimes weren't there are there different state and a day. Under the and radio stations and hanging out in the near dawn you know what people say oh my gosh he could travel guilty great play this. Yeah I get the field but only for about an hour. We're glad we can remedy that because drove Aldridge is part of the great country first line up that this year that a course features headliner Jennifer Nettles. And we'd love country vests so much because we get to know you drew we get to hear your music. And we get to save four years from now and multi platinum recording our issue Baldwin have a panic selling our country fast. Like I like that no org chart of the come out there you know that's going to be our first time ever playing in the San Diego area. Though that that's really actually excited for us and you know to be on the bill would Jennifer Nettles is always. Always exciting to be with what the great artist than we've ever I would Jennifer before so. The out there and what they've done and they yell going to be great. Well and you're gonna be right on the beach which is fantastic. I think that I never let never terrible it's never terrible plus we have some of the best looking fans that ever existed that when I can promise of scientific fact juiced them proven you don't bother looking it up I'll just tell you like like that I can't wait so you can bring cash to any of the three Booth barn locations to buy your country's fastest tickets. You go to kiss ON dot com. Bring come right here to our studios drill in the next so we see you there's going to be an ocean it is going to be appears to be thousands of screaming fans and plenty cold beverages. I wish I wish it was right now. But we can't wait you know what what really got in his thumb. My album comes out and sent so I'll nice that's going to be go to the very first show that a boy after my album some doubt going to be up there with you also all the and a B a Birdie Putt yeah it's going to be a huge party and what what better way departed and the reality. And San Diego right and. And I'm not gonna brag is up too much more but I know markets are loyal listeners are really when it comes to music nobody's sing along for sure to dance with the gun. He might be surprised the nursing a back your songs even a day after the record comes out. Well I hope so badly albeit you know have an article your dream to be able to have your your fans and analysts are just playing your music back so. Or puncture a terrible big thing in the answer yet it would be out. Right on man we'll see in about a week drew Baldridge welcome to kiss only welcome the country's best. And better yet welcome to a long extended stay in San Diego and here okay. I think they'll promote good you know what yeah. That was true Baldridge you'll see him for the first time in the day after his record comes out and countries does this Saturday.