Interview: Dave Haywood Lady Antebellum

Thursday, June 2nd


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Tomorrow morning tell and I'll be broadcasting live from the opening of the San Diego County fair were super excited about that and joining us coming up in just seconds. Is Dave Haywood from Lady Antebellum playing the fare on Sunday. Just heard Dirks Bentley so worn a beach a San Diego's number one for new country KS ON giant 10 in the morning in the warm up starts today look for highs in the seventy's an eighty's. Playing Sunday at the San Diego County fair Lady Antebellum and joining us trying to Dave Haywood from 88. Awesome day but you know what I think sometimes we have the most fun with Diaw to be honest. You're you're you're oh success of earlier this year she's had the same thing it's Charles couple months ago. We'll have to win or I don't listen to her game it's not true or it is natural hot how many things have we've gotten out of Dave that we have used our show between your pair walls of shame. Between all you have no problem sharing what this is what makes you one of the most fun once it's out west. Good acting panel on Hillary is Charles Wright continued good freely and bad about June 10 it. For southern Dave Haywood and 13 of lady elite he's coming back to San Diego. And they're doing that this Sunday at this and you coney fair you're all freaking out when Charles went solo for a little bit Hillary did her gospel work. And ladies and there's nothing Gloria about we're doing fine don't worry about it and true to their word they're returning back to San Diego so Dave we know that Charles is doing his little thing and and in the end Hillary is a mom Indian and gospel singer now onto that but we knew you were doing I need a New Year's sabbatical or you just beat. These are proving houses what happened to your job of them all. Telling us under the Apple Store OK okay now we should you know it was strange you know we are finishing up the sort last year. You know we all costs about half an hour window and a half or even though I've played yet this that we are able to do whatever you chose to do to respond to go through that happened. A lot of great have a lot of very bad time bomb that also been in the studio produced saying I'm the nuclear and all coach from Borough out of work with them or you must do studio. And I look in their loved living in the studio we backyard is a sport and also nearly gave up in the studio and and it just. That's I'm off a bit but can't live right. Com and record and just decompress and then get real hard and this is after and no yelled at him back up to sort out for the whole summer. The impact of the railroad through of the big shows is there's such a blast the kind of be reinvigorated him endearing fired up there. World's coolest fans to see how you guys have grown as well because when you started he knows one boss maybe not even a Bosnia vanda gestational out there are five million actually got your own lives you got your own families and yet you're still close and that's cool because acidic side of us whenever we hear so was taking a break quote unquote. Call what happened there brigade we always look for the best for the bad par whereas you guys. Did exactly what you said. Yeah where Rebecca BitTorrent you know and I got it is every fired up already you know recording in shambles and writing as well you just didn't. A great approach it with a fresh and excited out of beer and we've basically give. Not stopped and looked for probably nine almost ten years. So we started and and stocks to have the luxury of being able to take a few months off. It's just such a certain but the show in a book deal to do that an hour also have back fired up again and then back at us. Please playing. This Sunday at the sandy county fair. People Ali that where where's your favorite place to play it. He won a look that's what we did and we Ali big California we do and a lot of times we mentions San Diego and LA is our newspaper and literary like 57. All right speaking of a piece of haven't Emily give you a food. That is going to be served at this FDIC and Eagles dare you tell me yay or nay on whether you would eat it a French toast and bacon bomb. I want to make it you know I was trying take a bite at it like sheer curiosity okay that's easy Kool Aid hot wings. Yeah are really try Cooley did colleagues who are tiny and cotton candy cayenne peppered flavored kinda move her neighbor yeah. Our rights. Let's do one more I just love the name this I've grilled sloppy Joseph Frito crunch sandwich yeah. Are you not have the Grenada. The lock you up if floppies. Lady Antebellum is back in the 26 in San Diego County fair this. Sunday we'll see you there man and again I'll give our best to Charles and it to Hillary and the rest of the band that safe travels and we have fun we really well. Data you got it beat Sunday I'm sorry I think it's rare you gotta be included guy.