Write a Tune Tuesday - May 31st, 2016

Tuesday, May 31st


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Gratitude to. Hey John and Sammy right. The show in the west come. Phone number is 61957. On number 1973. And a theme for this morning's rides and Tuesday was that. That time lower kind of coasting through the last days of the school year in getting ready for so. Learn I can't act well or don't let it out. We are so well thought there and it really indicate thought I would let it take tag area here is that kept the door I like the big player less I like its mayor Mike clothes I like to have a big sweaters the cover I you know. Are. Patrick Howard tramp disband these. Or write a tune Tuesday debut. How things go that our man was it was a rough was it fun it was fun it's a summertime in San Diego he says he's heard about as opposed the treacherous month of well. Every day this hour in the Arizona can be a thousand degrees and what you guys called the solidity. Coasting into Summers what we wrote the post and into summer PHT. About to Wally you. And John Jamie's right into these particular boys. Yeah. Dizzying tank tops and shorts and my share zero home. She's half grabbing kids in a lot in the classroom to. She won't be back down soon Labor Day. Summer's only a week away and she can't worry. She's coasting hand Islam. Yes San Diego stab Jan affairs. Fried butter in Turkey UAE zoos or for John. Just shows thin and some earned. You California's fast you how to remove this she wants kids to school. We're game. The issue also were that big but it's Twitter for sure. Standing and Osama. He is San Diego's Down syndrome tower jam. With a not so bad that. It's. Standing and as. California's down and tune in on the morning salmon listen John and Sam. I. Mostly John good stuff guys. Fried butter and David Kelly tried that one yet. Yeah I'm sure they'll. All right speaking of that you guys are gonna the FCC Andy -- ferre tells about that we are cool lady amber Helms playing on Sunday night and raft 9 o'clock we start we play from nine to 1031. On the Iraq on stage of your real close to that we talking guys at all in the south and by arson are stand media morning that this coming Friday it take you all the food they're going to be giving us yesterday there's no problem with the seating you know we can make sure I had a nice job guys come back again okay good Russia's weekend thank you probably would people find more about you guys out Patrick our trip his sorrow fresh faced hooker. Twitter or is your Grammy can find us on their you can find our plan and be great to see check to a man that gets very much come back again.