Sophia's Cookies for a Cure

Thursday, May 26th


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I think it's fair to say that the young woman you're about to meet Sophia is a hero a local hero and and you're about to find out why would John 10 in the morning San Diego's number one for new country KS ON. We just heard new artist Mary Norris and Mike church. It's gonna be a little bit warmer today look for partly cloudy skies eventually an upper sixties to low seventies and now we have to say yea so Thea. So. Is this the fourth conversation we've had before if you you vilify us I really say as breezy. And I hate to be rooted. And if a man ever asked you this again till the mind his own business for holding you know and fifteen. So you were 11% at Saratoga and care than any indigo and some drug. Eleven years old. Nobody knew how much you grow businesses are very impressed not at all stop you beautiful yes dark haired dark eyes and I named my new little doggie Sophia. You inspired me to name her Sophia I think if they think things are only telling you that you're always welcome here because associates cookies for a cure this is another huge event happening this weekend. Thousands and thousands and thousands of dollars raised to fight cancer and then make sure that nobody else has to die from this terrible disease you're a marvelous young yes. You before you today details of how you're gonna raise money again you move young lady I have just won an award tell us about that yes so I was nominated her as leukemia amounts and then Thomas society skin of the year award besides ten weeks to fund raiser against your other high school students and raise as much money as I could. And there is about 141000 with the help of my high school and Stanley. Wow so Greg congratulations and well deserved so if you don't know Sophie is cookies for cures story I know you told us before herbal would you go ahead and and we've got new listeners who. OK we'll play a lot more new listeners clue them in is what you're all about it. When I was six my aunt was diagnosed with and mouth form of leukemia. And she passed away three months after diagnosis and the following year I want to do something to remember her. And just hope like find a cure for breast cancer access to such as devastating event. And so I held trillion lemonade stand in my front yard. And there is not 800 dollars throughout here that's amazing I mean really seriously from a from a just a little stand your first year those super tiny bit and then I want to keep doing in so it's 998. Doing my fundraiser. Now and it's like granting huge block party a still sell cookies and lemonade then I asked cupcakes and we'll talk shows and flower hot nine things that we have a raffle table as jumpy like lots of fun stuff for kids to do there's a cardboard arcade. Think it's the big events really fun. I think this is all from the mind of a little girl mystery and room it's become this wonderful community events via the whole thing you have any idea how many thousands of dollars in your idea has helped raise. We we think it's like over 50000. While it. They in my math isn't that good but I don't checking that's a lot of money news. Give us the times in the location was somebody's gonna I wanna go check that out I wanna get eliminate one game could easily cupcakes on the attack Allison I thought yeah also the fund raiser will be on May 29 the Sunday. From 11 AM to 2 PM. At 68 Tony Weiner Rolando and all strive in the mesa and all that impose on their face their paychecks of history's very cute when he sixteen Manuel nice work honey Jimmy have you here I'm sorry and the idea the number of cookies that your making this year EMI Graham who makes 650s and he's being detained. 350 doesn't this year how. Yeah yeah. And I mean yeah yeah I'm so that's like a Julian cook yeah a lot of we have other Massa if the zillion. Yeah yeah and then for lemonade I squeezed about sixty gallons are eliminated one hour holier forms like Popeye is good for you. Think her oh by the way to do the math that's 4320. Cookies give or take two info Ali and I know top line had a I think he a paid technicality you're welcome any time. Sophia cookies for a cure go to FaceBook page I know all the information they're bless you for what you do seriously thinks very highly commend you guys are so I'm thinking any.