The Avengers Visit Local Teen Battling Cancer

Wednesday, May 25th


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I'm really looking for this hour I have been because we're talking. To the family of Brian strong right now you may have heard that Ryan is a young boy who grows in my school who is suffering from cancer zinc hit. Six young management and grew out and had the pleasure of being visited by Iron Man Captain America. Against. And Gwyneth Paltrow call me vendors at his front door. And that was directly because of the students his classmates. Starting a campaign. Grim Brian's mom Amy on the discussed only so much that meant terror but how much of the global on the avengers in her house and then all of this hour. Cindy was number one for new country cares about what John and Tim in the morning at 7-Eleven. Sorry we just heard Jennifer Nettles and online views she is our headliner for country's fast by the way if you have not got your tickets. I you need to do so before they sell Alley glee kids when dot com bring cash to industry move our locations are feared the studios. Pick him up here to occasionally feel ways sprinkles here or there this morning partly cloudy skies an upper sixties. As your socks that's the dollar is two and as a young man right no battling for his life Tim Ryan. And you've seen the story. But what you might not have known about the vendors showed up at his house is because the students at his high school Ashton Ryan strong by the way. Started this campaign thought Amy. This is one of those things you know it's from grows behind OK thank you by aliens Ryan's mom is sharing just how special that was there and how shocking a wise. He makes it to do for his classmates to get behind this is start this campaign actually work. I can't think that's why settle. They have and it gave me the right I think when your actual danger here battling something like Erik and your waitress or hurt a lot. I think it's partly it's relevant audience and I think I'm maybe you tricked it is being cut when they get to rally for hand and Jack gave us. Got so many parents can look forward to keep waiting. It was beautiful that day an outlet in double of what they're actually cannot bit and I and I did. The newest spot honestly that cracked bat and then read about travel and are making every shot putter but door and come into our home and it was actually our view it was. I improbable behalf of the beautiful. It's also beautiful and incredible the hard to with his fellow high school classmates and how all amazing it's so great when we get to talk about. The great things kids are doing you know I hear down to people complain about kids and you know what at this point is just fantastic. Yeah it glad took it. And it's really meant a lot of my anger and audit but a lot of that becomes his peers and appeal allowed and that we're not stand and I plan. I feel that a lot of people don't realize you got a category. He went Gillette voluntary it was at lunchtime and engage expecting eighty a couple of hundred kicked the pat and caddie and it can't comment and by the time. And that and that started a poker chip out and hit the Afghan chat champion right name in you know when it was our. Don't underestimate. The kindness of young people that absolute zone Amy just take us through that wonderful day I got you still distinctly from what went down. Lenient there having a couple of days you're damned there's apparently hasn't learned that shirt back all of market for hot bat and and they are right about 9 o'clock on and Monday morning and we had complained shot that we didn't want be litigated he got a lot or anything. We could kind of behavior are the black. Calling it than we did it very here and I called my girl that anagram an eight. Called fun and funny lock that but not on the Arctic air traffic election. Even if he had not client base he is. It is completely shocked he got Republican red white and and I mean I don't flirt back and our when he when he urged other good base. Well into a shocking. It was all Omniture in his brain he was thinking wow these people really look like. You know Gwyneth Paltrow and you know monologue not thinking that maybe it was really down. It. I it. This does beautiful vomit and we call will never forget it cracked and grant and Robert word. Are genuine and well. Just op that excitement or calm either leave there were no cameras and no PR nobody dying out but very emphatic and and just at that moment Daley shared problem in our and our home. I love you drop the names first now like Chris eat cayenne now. Robert Iron Man. And Gwyneth Paltrow this is like they are to be through the biggest movie stars in the world with no people around them no team no cameras. Just doing something other goodness of their heart. That the students are gross mile high school loved your son off to start making this happen this is I mean and overwhelming amount of love and up and emotion. Yeah it did overwhelm me any app. Says didn't panic that's not pick Corey kind of pick the social media a couple of weeks ago and it truck exploded. And and I and it got you got your planet and you guys that are in program and then she got called out good that in many record and junior and crane and then. It is. It's crazy I mean explain that. A global destroy all crystal ball is Iron Man Captain America around that's great. So how is he doing honey I mean I I know that he had a set back and everything but so what what's his status right now. But you know well we do I have teaching them how to make about a clinic a couple bid for our club Italy to get whatever I need. Let's play he's fighting. The answer me this into a selectively post sister Captain America and ended two Iron Man what are the eat. Yeah. Well that's funny I know I got an apparent that the I think it beat I don't anything to eager train. I'm re dead baby yeah you were gracious they couldn't they get in the end to get anything that you came in pattern that is that it did. I'm the top marvel movie that night and even underground and I find that wall. Either a that they you know and it's one of his game chairs at one point you I have Robert I hear Brian being there I had cracked that and trying to ninth while I'm glad I got into the right of me. I'm good about that part EU I have to get kind of got back or go oh my gosh we actually. You can and in no way other the fact they are who they are in no way they were. Act like they were who they were. Now they are third genuine power lunch or divert me they actually get out of it one of our plans. An even better say it was just a topic today I think what we're glad that I actually started up and I election law and Amy get bigger and I was just thinking how are you you have a big. Part of the net and should get the best that you think I want mom to another fear how far it would be for me. How happy Ryan was not moment and it's Chile glad there was just think and it would appear. I'm really glad you told us during immunity a lot going on thank you so much for sharing some of your time with a us. Please give our best to Ryan hash tag Ryan strong team Orion and over we're sending our love and support here on his own okay. Think here thinking how much.