Write a Tune Tuesday with King Taylor Project

Tuesday, May 24th


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John. And Tammy right it's into the John and Sammy. So families can. Okay this is the moment in the waiting for the results of your hard work putting on that theme today. I named Jordan and he would. Secretaries why he felt or thought how about producer death at the Brad basically show looking. Sky universe. Jennifer Aniston elected he thought a year old city fighters over the high. They say is she's not busy night here I failed to notice it Prado to. Yeah I thought hey I'm just gonna go get my rocker like you guys it's not rocket. And I think I can tailor projects are little leaves still working on this song as we're trying to do our job. I was when sandy was going on to be the spokesperson a high I can come out steamed up in San Diego right can you little closer McCain presidency is hot. Hi I wanna go a little crazy old piano bolted gas the daily to college an Unobtainium. Another Unobtainium. Via our idea for us and what does that mean to people who don't get DV okay so apparently apparently this instrument has a real name. It's either a heart moaning hammer a melodic and I can never remember which so I've taken that just calling it on the team and you are able to do -- I see it on FaceBook I'm legal I've learned just a thing if it's legal doings let it until many kids nearly blow into that powers that the court this crazy amount. All right this simple things and proud that steady Joshua David Iraqi and there are songs called. All steamed up in San Diego entrance he's hi. Hit and run into Tuesday and KS ON. What exactly. Like Jenna ever done is done. How the day in the sun where there's she'd been in Bible I'm qualities and I am kinda like a bug tags though. That's bad that pays players show got those sales team out then. San Diego how bad bad bad they all live in this strong and in high. Seems like early exceptionally. Impressed game this generous when it came up calmness with that line and Canon Sammy and you do something phone mean in a boom zone. Who's coming. Oh AM Aaron Rodgers on some great day of Melinda you settled on Iran denies sun tidy. Thank god book sales instead had its own. God does call Xena then send mail alone. It. And drug test we'll I was. Anybody else you know you know not only you know I am a little bit of Jamaican Anderson there's also fringe thing in their Italian I. What country am I don't don't prove confusing everyone yeah I have Adam Sandler. Former San Diego singer songwriter best prank that is totally yeah. Allow me. It's only gory scenes stuff every Miami of an examiner. Older. Arnold. And the it would. And sheriff called in as we had to say. They and you guys are great comeback yeah I don't want to hold a woman's favorite guy hasn't done. Ha yeah. I'm all right where can we see us play in Korea because he's so good where did this they are a bunch of times right on five different dates there the first signs opening night. We have a full six piece band and us. I don't do Perry yeah. And with those seldom told puts you on the spot you have to say yes when librarian we're doing our show next Friday from the opener the fair June 3. Nobody guys still beer musical accompanying him throughout the morning you know little song do and can't pick your mouth and airport Cadillac. Easily. I'm going yeah I think PSA homes and yeah. No time for yo momma joke that. Daddy and momma jokes things. Yeah yeah yeah let's don't I don't know brilliant and I'm not perfect and I also knows look mom yeah. Welcome to burn a healthy thing. I can do the front how and why do. Well San Diego musicians. Guys need to work man and and listen how great they are they should be working every night.