Tammy's College of Hollywood Knowledge May 24th, 2016

Tuesday, May 24th


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All right Alex I know you've got the cheat sheet answer is so you are. Armed and ready to go. Good luck come pulling for him. Sorry about this one Bruce's staff Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton could not take their eyes off each other again while performing on Sundays billboard music awards. When he used to be the lead singer of that no doubt no worries or no dumb. No doubt. Eva Longoria was married to Jose Antonio bust on over the weekend. How many times says Eva Longoria then married. That is going to be there are merits it's very cute I'm detour. Listen to you Prince Harry went to Disney World it was seen riding the log flume ride where everyone gets wet. What does that ride called the ball Disney World and Disneyland. Magic mountain. Oscar winner Helen Hunt was mistaken for another Oscar winning actress when her Starbucks brewery stood told her we got you Jodie Foster. What movie did Helen a winner best actress Oscar for. Abu Mohamed that has just today. And (%expletive) that Nicholas Cheney each. Yeah I know I don't know ballad. OK and finally Priscilla Presley turns 71 years old today. She starred in three naked gun the movies. Watched extremely normal. First named her character have. Oh yeah no elks essentially your first name is any name. Thank you let's get Tim back gay and can't pay a cent at. Is it me except. Look. All right Jimmy I'm sorry Alex I'm here what what are you doing today was going on view. I'm just getting it worked in a work meeting announced that its debt. Well. All I want backe stepped out of a meeting. Yours if I were you distracted Ono icy wind imagine working. As we're playing that. 205 right OK Alex Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. They couldn't take your eyes off each other while performing on Sundays billboard music awards you know he said she saved his life. Noon and then Marcel at all why how my primary and the fans as a recoil old. When you see the lead singer of no doubt no worries are no de I hadn't snowed out out his right Alex knew it 11 Eva Longoria was married Jose Antonio Bastogne over the weekend the only got a Miriam. He says aluminum is close yeah I'm I'm I'm not this is a. Sometimes you've been married. Putting this one yes let's court. The green. He's a gas but it's right Alex knew it to two separate Syria with the Disney World and we seem right in the log flume ride Randall gets wet. What does that ride called Red Bull Disney World and Disneyland only cash what does that uncalled. Oh waters owner spotter help him write for. It's cold splash mountain mines Ellis with magic mountain is still too little. Oscar winner Helen Hunt was mistaken for another Oscar winning actress winners Starbucks three to two older we got you Jodie Foster what movie Helen when her best. Actress Oscar for was it's. As good as it getting some it was everybody gets. Down and Alex could not come up with that it's now three to Tammy. Finally Priscilla Presley turns 71 today she started three naked gun movies what extremely normal first name did her character have. Jane you know often. 'cause you know just in our modern may jail Alex Phillips Celine Dion and and then. Ella and both were wholly wrong but doesn't matter who tipped tape everywhere it's unfortunate sport and do those are good guess is if you're in a meeting and what ideas they are a lot of. And on you don't walk away empty handed yet appear ticket policy Chris Young August 12. At the Del Mar thoroughbred club along with the to copy of his new CD by the way he is part of the Dell Mark Summer concert series. Alex enjoy that enjoy the rescue work day before you do of this story to say. I'm content DB and I flunked out of canyon college of Hollywood knowledge.