Fun at Brad Paisley

Monday, May 23rd

Brad Paisley's doppleganger and some super excited fans


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Producer's death went to her varied. First Brad Paisley counts I'm I'm I'm still kind of wondering how that's possible and all the Democrats tell our I know the scheduling is never worked out in my famous of course means is the wants and she wasn't pregnant yeah. Yeah. Welcome Johnson in the morning at 638 on KS ON and that we're gonna have a nice mild day today highs me percent certain excuse me upper sixties. If you are lucky enough fortunate enough to run into producer's death as she is out and about anywhere throughout Southern California just know this she will put you to work. I love it. And it's just you and I'm meat bread pieces stop being your I'm very excited loyal listeners I love your concert season. The idea till it. And this is hue of perfect evidence of just flat. I am and that friends at the just being there we don't I mean every morning John and yeah. Love yeah. After. I'm not a true. Stated Donna DM. Really 00 really that you weren't supposed to but our way. These ladies selling mania party via this is our way. That ill and that and that is why you're right about the Cintron he's in his assuming it is they're usually right on the weekends. During a hard work week you're done you're going to throw down you with your Jimmy with the people that you love you see music that you love it really is a cool cool scene at. Billy you guys now we'll get lean yet early morning rush hour traffic. I. Think. They're. Pretty. And you. Yeah. I have been amazing and they just so much for laughing. Yeah it's been really glad to be happy you're the best thing I open the morning it makes this so happy. You aisles of the word hero very I'll tell. You lady. Our whole little clapper various social if there's such thing as an oral clapper. It is view I think yeah you're very welcome but I understand I understand he ran in to Brad Paisley. Lookalike and. Actually he was so like Brad Paisley was Greek media and oh yeah. I. Playing. A hero they sound like you're the best tablet thing I've ever met thank you I had brought in a last Thursday but thank you. I have bad days we feel very abandoned this guy's got me dead in my tracks like he looks just like somebody's a little bit taller than Paula the good thing I got this. The dream man right. Ended up on good so yeah. I'm a wedding here. Why you literally would the signatures of people they say. That's really any time you looked at night so you know in my life and I go yeah of course I love it when you're called Brad Paisley. I was in San Antonio roughly 2010. I was at a bank didn't I lazy. How the bank and tell us that you looked just like Brad Paisley and Canada and I think think you're happy he's handsome okay. Yeah I am now let me get into his checking account running that would be awesome but they just gave me access to my technically it. All Brad these areas they don't if you're saying hello. A loud giant is dreaded name bill and I did say on the radical just. At this point whatever just call me. Soon to be an IQ are you flirting with the. Is this golf okay I was trying to be the matchmaker Campbell are eating the ladies are right around my Paisley and I. This puzzle I mean I was in the picture the guy in his heels and he looks just like an elementary shared his it's how good Aaron yeah. Richard I'm faced so I'm all all Wally and there is time but doesn't like Brad and think at first glance how fun though Brad Paisley like the all that is pretty cool. So vocal when you get to see some looks like when Brad Paisley. You're like well this is also raising you're so cool polls among the banks start to vote for me it's like you turn over your church your pathetic thought well. Well because he actually doesn't seem like Brad Paisley you'll only look like your church when you Wear your hair church outfit otherwise you don't usually don't yourself and I just have close. Sunglasses and jackets and number. And John soaks it up and he actually walks around takes pictures really Derek shares up like me Eric church because some blue. I don't like him except when you were an air strike out here at the pitcher again okay would you please. Right now I think you.