Employment After Deployment: Remington Shaw

Thursday, May 19th


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All right we've met many many men and women who have served their country are now looking to transition into our world and get a job or doing that would Johnson is employment after deployment brought to you by a point womanizer in university I don't. Think however that we met somebody with a cooler name carry the mail we're about to makes. Do you should be a private doctor Redding Tim Shaw. Good to meet you. Good to meet yells dude are you aware about Cooley an innocent he asked my dad had the option to name me and if you think that's Trippi you name my Brothers grew here. Coleman and the last one guy named by a mom his name's chase yeah. Brothers named after guns on his face Seattle okay how tough opponent failure. I've got a great fillies. Remington shot tell us about yourself young men. Oil I did four years active duty in the Marine Corps got out I wanted to standard English but it was downsizing so germ did the reserves like actively drilling and currently on their Joplin are using you're your periodically downsize which just happened to I tons of people that we know including a filing and Marty was downsized as well armed. And now he wanna get into the civilian world you are going to school rates. I'm going to air America host I community college him. And I'm working towards a fascist tours for wrong justice so in the civilian world what are you looking for right now for employment anything specific or you just kind of wide open and so whatever's available I'm. Pretty wide open like I'm one to go towards my. Pass expansive and well when I learned in the Marine Corps who pushes a warehouse clerk books it's the job that I learned how to do well. But I also became a Jack of all trades in the Marine Corps de has certain jobs that they need to be filled. At TA deed it's spot Iowa is a silly security forces will you be open for Java security is while yes absolutely awesome all right I was also backs manager a patient may mean responsible for like seventeen million dollars government property okay. After that everything else seems trivial great that's totally true I never man in charge of anything worth more than maybe seventeen dollars and I'll I'll have to maintain and then make sure everything was working truly is a Jack of all and I aren't I worked in gym on base fitness specialists CPR. Training and defibrillator training maybe it's easier to ask what you can still. And I finally on the mass seemingly can do anything and Diana and there's also some work expanse that was before a Marine Corps where my family own an ice company has helping them work ice that's so cool they sold it at that joined the Marine Corps because their main source of help. Which was you got color. It was a labor is gone ahead. So I like crazy basically if there's something they easily done then you'll go do it so yeah that's fantastic tonight again just go to KS ON dot com and click on employment after deployment and you'll find Remington picture. And his resume and let's get Remington hired Remington take care. Nice to meet you thank you for your service math you're welcome.