Mayor Bills Wells

Tuesday, May 17th


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Always great we can welcome the mayor bill wells back. And at the very same mayor that wowed us with the thriller throw down just a few years of back. Remember this claim to fame mayor will also. You fight this thing alive. It allows you acquittal towards Greenland has forever had a nobody got that on tape. So beautiful about that and I remember vividly is that when you heard it was a competition between community Mayer's piece that I wanted to take. I was not happy with my first initial take. Now I know it's a competition I would bring it and you did absolutely everything's competition this isn't a big revelation though what you have going on and alcohol it's really. Become this family city. This is a local hard work that you your committee have done through throughout the years and that is why the third annual America on main street this week and this is a big deal oil gone. Yeah out American chemistry if you haven't been it's been the last two years it's kind of like a big country fare type feel we can be you know we've got to lots of food lesser rides and carnival ride the really the important thing is it's all for free to miss the chance to come out and bring your fairway do on hold for a day affair we kind of fun things. Like going to the Del Mar fair without spending massive amounts of money that you would spend. At Del Mar fair and it's it's what time it is in your also honoring the military. At this event as well. Yeah we always kind of trying to monitor the elk horrible we're starting off the day with a big flyer over from the costar with their helicopters aren't SourceForge. I want to analysis that you will have a new residents starting next month I'm officially gonna become men are residents of alcohol no way that's great yeah. He has to stay in east county that living up near crest Sally yeah I think you're really like the I do too I do too I'm very excited. Or was it the looming and little else. I'm tired. Yeah a bigger name for alcohol yet either it is the whole night W yeah I like Cambodians are. Coney MI II or within Gemma contest is no sign on you're the boss what do you say I like that TO the world's gonna have. Three stages with thirty different parents awesome this goes down this Saturday it's all day. Eight you should also or giving away Taylor guitar. Beautiful Taylor baskets are on the world's been great all gone air and they give us an eternity away so how long does Timmy have to live in El Cajon mr. mayor. I'm Tata not a can be gay all model snowball things Tammy maybe next year at Haley on main street hell yeah I I. I we were we talked about it many Camby they'll. I'm not a lot we got cable station area high you don't feel better. Ever run barrage council first holiday cowboys they should be in politics because everybody loves you noticed ever controversial there's no headaches no never learn there's nothing from the past that might pop up and and freaked me out so we thought and I'm mayor bill wells is always antenna where congratulations on a wonderful job your doing a drill gaunt face and we'll see everybody on Saturday some terrific. If you're good serve and doesn't want us. Many.