Write A Tune Tuesday: The Real World

Tuesday, May 17th


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Gratitude. John and Sammy. So in the west. Is the season graduation is the topic this morning for trying to tune it Tuesday. Let Barbara Pratt. And in my bank could be just. You know are seen fatter and you think he told me yeah after party oh yeah. They didn't. It. Re after are readying her uncle thank goodness. Have a good laugh what are you it's. Okay okay okay. Okay. And a monsoon look I. And see you again it's so good to see you guys in the years. Yes this is something that's right your wheel house you have friends who are graduating from college you are two years away from graduate from college yet which is a very. Good reason why this song is called the real world. I'm Renton Tuesday KS all right. Hughes. You land. And you are saying and. Hardy is owned. And so begins. Made during its huge history you land east. You don't even have a job. You still live analysts here and. And you can't win. Own and les duke did giant land line and. But today he's got a captain down. He's clearly made it here some now. Gas pains early bodies. In. Asking narrows down well at the was welcomed in other real. Alone his caddie it's not and that. You know John Ensign you praise. Everything you'd go low all the praise is you know the loan. And if you're real. Yeah. Kids. I think you're alone. Windows home. Final line mean in other real. Fellas like they feel. Ellis and weeks ahead in the only way. Funny and adorable and realize it's still I don't smile world moment. Canada. I love you. Has great honey yeah it was very well done and must work we see you next gosh well I'm I'm playing del march stared June 16 in points first CNT fair. The 28 as the name that was all backwards but and you can find all that on my website in Abbas dot com slash a lives. And yet has all that info from the summer shows can really say what you might not know what and a is that she also is a student in Nashville so you got some gigs in Nashville to lose and some that was really exciting for use gas. Of record on gun did you just a play a lot of cool places. And just parent take part there is a grainy used songwriter showdown yeah I got to be part of a play it was a really talented people right now has just been so fun you got to do it all by then you know it's a little scary but it's so it's so much for fun minidisc series so we certainly are proud of our senior U is he musicians who its stay in town or do your own thing collagen and hopefully become huge superstars. I think Dmitri said it best. It's. Hey hey good. Have a great summer OK that isn't really that school is I will for Shanda.