Cash Cow Winner: Nikki

Wednesday, May 11th


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Oh really do win. I'm KS ON 2000 dollar winner we'll be talking Mickey. Earth hi is Nikki picker is saying Nicky is John in Tammy producer staffer calling from KS ON ORU. I'm hey how are you know. So sorry to bother you are you working. I'm just getting ready trickled. And she's getting ready to collectors thousand. Learned yet that. Include. Sorting those school I'm going to clean that faring now so your college student I am an eighteen feet. Just because you listening can't store that sold super. I know I was inside yesterday my mom and I relate dancing act together on the and it was but he. And no offense you Nicky but your mom was dancing more. Yeah yeah. Yeah yeah. You have to borrow money from mom or at least a couple of days. Larry you're Mickey want to odd code word was yours to text the coated that I said let's talk now actually I'm. I know proving my theory that there's nothing better in the world and on topic is only true and again that really awesome and we're so excited for you Nicky and again aren't in the morning and he has a good point yeah. Putting it in my bank account. AA. Golf star from producers and they I EIC put 800 in the bank McAllen spend 200 for yourself that you may be honored at a taco. I ziglar to drag him. Does lie on the doubles one on the show up. A little. And I don't think I could put all right Nikki congratulations and thousand dollars richer. Our cash cow. Thing here. What a great feeling man eighteen year old college students a thousand dollars he wasn't the radio. Always my daughter can we've heard the are you want a chance to win amber has your next chance 11 o'clock this morning PS it was 80000 dollar cash cow when John came in the morning and KS ON.