High 5,000: Fire Station 45

Tuesday, May 10th


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As tally and John and jammies high of 5000. Hometown hero door. We started out with the number 2776. And added fifteen more. Chuck where we stand here in our mission valley fire station 45 number 45 Janet as a brand new at new. Fire station number 45 smelled to apartment is gone through similar to a new cars small but it's much bigger dumb question how do you establish what station is number one just establish that by. But or that they're built so in San Diego where 47 stations right now. It's kind of weird they skip numbers at times we got a missing station to get a missing station 484950. But it's it's kind of that. That design phase so when they start saying that we're gonna PlayStation here there and they might fill in the gaps. Ordered a high five all you guys who appreciate what you do we knew we I guess you guys are our fire stations is we're right down the road on prior so if you burn a bag of popcorn if Jimmie gets locked in the bathroom if something happens that we numerous really you guys are here and then we thank you for that all right I think you guys might have been in our building just west was a month or two they'll tell the devoted couple days ago I was talking about the young men who got stuck her elevator I thought maybe they guys came down for balance out actually sell we do that a lot this district. We some how do you know somebody's doing it on purpose. I'm just asking like a minority gets stuck a couple of times. How long would it take. Three figured out that I was purposely getting it always goes back to Tammy one and two. This is a hang out with fire then you know small enclosed space okay we will you ask about doing it on purpose I get an OK guys thank you will always enjoy your time with frivolous questions like that's a little bit. I like you haven't done it before you. We're done all right thank you guys in the. And now this this shameless is continues on the video that you'll see on the face of the educated as someone because Timmy not only high fives but high hugs and yeah all the firefighters yes. And the fire dog and a firecracker. And the fire pole. And I cannot the polls are you did you find outsource I know.