Don't Break Mom's Heart for Brad Paisley

Friday, May 6th


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OK Johnson and realize that new and jungle world in legal and this is gonna be so cool when you get here today or throughout the weekend to enjoy that because it's it's a whole new world illegal and I end up right now something we've been looking forward to doing all week CME and by the way happy Mother's Day do you think you yes we're calling this. Don't break mom starts or maybe just this one time and by the way we are also on FaceBook life right now so all right live Hulu. All right we got three moms your camera you please do the honors yes could you mom step on up please and tell everybody your name I am very sorry Jerry who is gonna break your heart today. Fannie NRA I'm Dallas and islands breaking my heart with Phil. I send my daughter Kayla and everything or are you are only a big deal is as our three. Young contestants are going to come up and grab a Lego box there's street. Random Lego boxes they all have something enough but one of them contains. A Lago and that has a picture of Brad Paisley candidate that is an. You're box. You've broken apart broke mom's hard meaning you're gonna give your mom she has to rev Paisley and meet injuries for bad Brad Paisley is that cool about it. Our eyes. So Jimmie would you please give only the children of the heart breakers there at Lago moderates and I'm really you come up and she hears because I don't want anything that you picky anyone you want just grab one of them and hang onto it come on appears to her grandma or some of the thicker and Donny and this one is yours then. RI RA and then when I counted three lemon have you guys do is just smash right on the ground okay. You think you guys can do a lot of Brad Paisley and it's your day. Yeah. I'm right here yeah green. Wow that was quite the smell bread bread. I. Until I. Until it's a gallon and smile for a reason why I need your big man had guys going and pick employers servers those are your standing. Huh do you see all blue. This this city or Lamas. Yeah America's Nutting is really hard here are and how are you my own. Yeah we didn't see your bread when you meet I didn't get it begins so yeah. She gets. And so I'm excited this hole I love how awesome what are you gonna ask Brad Paisley when you meet and hang out. None Peggy do you congratulations. By the way moms we can't let you walk well he didn't jealous and Angela are gonna meet Brad basically all in one of the concerts amount you got rid of his tickets as well as always. Now all the moms are going to the show. And you all have red roses courtesy of laying only happy Mother's Day enjoy I go and. All right kids you're in school there and oh my goodness we won't tell anybody. Hang on and look what else she has political announced a while against her being the winner from late Orlando holy can only guy. I've. Jimmy is giving us Diallo of of a totally late season in Chicago twice that. Okay do you and I bet they're got all right. John gently in the morning happy Mother's Day it's all on a listening in the moms are here as well we are live at noon jog wheel world legal and DSL and.