Stagecoach: Eric Church

Monday, May 2nd


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We had such a blast and that stagecoach California's country music just like can't believe for a talking about it in the past tense when. Looking forward to sharing so many of our great times today this morning with John 10 in the morning I guess so I don't. Johnson and not only rarely ever search of CK SO and Sapporo studio on the zinni goes over one for new country KS are. All right let's get another way right now can Wear your sunglasses please tell me have my. Now here's the problem we talk about easier even teasing him so bad storms in there and it's not his at all she's making been making fun of the community got purposely trying to look like where's this jacket and is getting a. It's good and yeah it and I totally hurt come. I don't feel like you're air search out friends they're church hit a fat face and it chubby belly then maybe we'd be twins and has not just practically doesn't. Is someone going you're wearing your Eric church. OK I will then store 2000 Memphis nearly three years ago for saint Jude are numbers and the fans come around the hotel and I you know that's because the earlier Eric church. I won't go to the come running towards or into these. Did. The only amount they did. Derek lurched and its failure to meet them I really don't sleep they don't see it only got your own plans. So this truck I want to congratulate you on the ACM performance but who would have thought that after that trip that was wonderful tribute paid to the artists we are great loss this year did you lose all of the biggest do you lose haggard. And they weren't whose friendship which means don't have a lead the host family sixteen man as the year's results. That's an amazing music and I guess I guess that happens. I guess at least it would PH who may we all are Mitt. That happens there's a certain time I would imagine that would art with my parents when an Elvis and all those things right now I would imagine that. Some talk a lot it's hard to stomach did you feel what did you feel about the many people would use let's listen tag as a tribute to Romulus and a wonderful honor for you. These huge hit any you know it out. I'm fortunate sells all the guys that you know I think girls over early in the day he sang with and down this is there's not the never take that away you know I didn't trivia played there Rahman's. Ninety days after an attribute that show their but two days after he died and as an extra day of the funeral and I got to go out and its entire song and it was it was usual supposed to be at the Roman can play for lots of Mattel higher sales and lingo in the heck any resistance to scorn of those things where the united these folks you know if you think about it and then what he meant to mimic or. I think you're right though you are saying I think it's very bright because that I love Chinese that your parents because I'll never forget the day that I came home steepening of the house and my mom was crying and I was marriage and I can almost I don't. Who right now I mean it just it really realize and I think it's that same vein yeah it's that same thing that we all have to deal with that my fans but yet it goes on for. Right it does it tell us how what's crazy he went back just go back fifteen years ago and say that. By the time where they are now you lost both Michael Jackson and prince right now we just have a conversation I met for both of us at that time right. They were the information on you you're evil you're evil I'm not proud of press guy about any preference to me is that it's the greatest guitar player that ever lived. I couldn't agree more in my in my mind I mean you evaluate people unfortunately when they die yeah. Vietnam is you look back on what he did nobody knew how he can play guitar a story Eric Clapton was as long time Fossett likely to grace guitar player he's valued at best friend illustrate. Listener but he yanked out and I. And could enroll their brother but. Have a great show thank you again you are real live stage coach video and find yourself and tag yourself with some more pictures. Go to kiss the winds FaceBook page relives stagecoach for yourself this skill again inability casino and hotel traffic senator John antennae crashed in the south they northbound.