The Band Perry performing for Peyton's Project

Friday, April 29th

The Band Perry performing a special show with Country Cares for Kids to Benefit Peyton's Project! 


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Coming up tomorrow morning in Indio before stagecoach busy brunch featuring the band Perry and brand new artist break young bulls who are playing stagecoach. They're taking time out of their day to help a cause well to help save some lives of kids with muscular dystrophy including our very good friends Bonnie who is behind the promotion of stagecoach the promotion of Coachella. She has little boy with muscular dystrophy and is using our. Mid sixties to mid seventies today so let's get your story good morning Bonnie. You really go. Excited as soon I'm Bonnie let's talk about a he cares for kids brunch to benefit Peyton this project and the right children's charity in the desert. Align middle on hazel was dying there and click on edition popular it could be just. The generating blocks away into the is it 100% terminal as a break now but we're working your current track as well cheer. They're trying to cheer K I don't know what we did once we got now they seen Aaron had this. Gary pick herself about the Clark on and we yeah that was devastating. We made a conscious decision that we. Were going to go down fighting so we charted. The project which raises money to find it here and also provide just that equipment for. Children with muscular dystrophy is purely a children's Billy and most lethal if they're very cute girl but it mostly boys and a very. Spent so it does he has just the amount of adaptive equipment a wheelchair is forty gradient. 00. Dollars 40000 dollars and yeah. Airlift if you really if you carry out the apple now. You know it didn't add up add up and old can you know we earn a place that. We're a good place but there's a lot of family that cannot afford it and we need to take care of these children. Absolutely this came about the united basically is third but everything but I really love my family my son in elks stage show and country music is so why not put it all together and have a benefit. And you know you don't even have to be going to stage coach if you if this tugs at your heart you wanna do something about it and or eighteen if you're just a fan of the band Perry. You can go to Indio Saturday morning it runs from nine Intel wine in his going to be at the jackal LaBranche restaurant which is one of the coolest places by the way. Yes tomorrow we are all yeah. And it includes the champagne brunch and then on new artist bright young will be performing the band Perry will be performing they'll be auction items. And it's going to be just a great time. Great experience that vehicle just he'd need. I'm hard it is an intimate close study and I've only heard what Larry and I thought that pipe that he fails I'll still worry that they're really like. More open than it has they've always been some of my favorite experiences so. It puts up but when things go in the morning get them. Really great breakfast flipper Dave topsy celebrate our air and it turned out of state those starts go golfing whatever you want to do that now. All right says excellent and listen our best to your son okay and anything else. It will be the person you went seen my companion. The actress really columns are published I'm Eric yeah I had. That is wonderful Bonnie thank you for letting us know about this we're gonna put a link up as well. So people can go to kiss when dot com and figure out more information on this okay. Great thank you for the party out of first supporting stage all these years and supporting. On this foundation I appreciate it so much.