Employment After Deployment - Mike Gets Hired!!

Wednesday, April 27th


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When Tim and I heard about the shocking amount of heroes that come back from deployment and can't get jobs it really angered us and should you as well these people volunteer. And when they come back it's like really let's get them losing jobs that's what we started a giant it was a plummet after deployment and we love calls like this Michael. From John Jimmy's employment after deployment dude got himself a job. It's my. And hey guys I got tired and our ship however can be here all. Marine safety officer. Fall and so I mean that's great new. Now what happened after your time here on John Jimmy's employment after deployment take us through it. Oh I got get an influx heard you know couple of interviews my name ever got Erica are you guys and I appreciate all your help ciller's there was definitely air. The big push. In the right direction you like your new job man. I love it I mean it's it's reverse what I do or maybe had shown people earned him feature battle all the way through. Making sure they're safe honoring brother firing your or my dream job I guess you insert. That is it that's awesome to hear getting your dream job after being on giant Tim is employment after deployment obviously your skills were a big part of that as well. However I wanna I wanna know how long that fire relief was once you got that job just. They're that's so leg leg 400 pounds in the live without much owners that I I can't believe so. How much stress are not under anymore. That's great all people need to work Manning now. Around it it just feels good and people are willing to reward you for the skills that you have and Michael were just thrilled for you man we appreciate your service and now we appreciate this as well but you are hired. With John Jimmy's employment after the plug even get shorten our young men sent. Qaeda or the IRA Michael Dell chairman and your marriage again. Or your loved loved loved calls like that wanted to view can help glee kids so when dot com because there's plenty of people. Unlike Michael who still need to get employed okay John and Tammy and unemployment after implementing the occupied for a woman as a marine university and DSL and.