Above and Beyond - Captain Brown

Thursday, April 21st


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Is Jenin pennies high of 5000. Hometown hero door thinking. With a high of five our goal drive down. Once the laundry to do a very special high five as the veterans movement presents the above and be on the ward Brian is here from veterans you know and almost Brian would you please do us the honor of introducing the American hero. Yes so we're here with captain them brown hue is an airborne army ranger he was deployed in Baghdad and more giving we gave him the above and beyond award this past Friday evening he was speaking in a column and we kind of crashed this party and posted a surprise ceremony forum. How we present them with a bronze eagle trophy and all the goodies that come along with the above and beyond award. Yeah because you near the back to me to thank you for your service figure I mean. So we will hear more from you captain in just a moment but we really wanted to tell the story that your brother shared in a nominating you for this award you were deployed I Iraq for fifteen months you ledger patrol units in two southeast Baghdad to clear roadside bombs. And facing insurgent fire you were wounded but still rescued your gunnery sergeants and later cradled your fellow soldier in his last moments. Your brother says your survivor in more ways than one and they are fully dedicated to whatever you do you have found your kindred spirit in your wife Chandra and your blended family thrives and are excited to welcome your fifth child in September your brother says the joyful jingle of your PT EST service starts bell collar can be heard everywhere you go. Followed by your laughter and that captain brown as a reason that you receiving the above and beyond award and again congratulations for that do you have a wonderful service start with you please tell us about your beautiful service time. So her name's the team I was fortunate enough to be blessed with a teen in my life starting in December last year. Received are from organization called puppies behind bars based in New York it's amazing organization. Really really cool because the primary and secondary hammer for the dog are. Prisoners they're inmates in a prison. And the veterans. There six veterans and our class and we win and to the prison every day. And trained inmates trained us to learn all 95 commands that this highly trained dogs and dogs know. And how to apply them in public. Situations that would usually cause a stress and anxiety. And see how we reacted and how we bond with the dog is a really cool rehabilitation. Process for the prisoners and the veteran. But we are with the army captain arranger Ben brown purple heart recipients who is the first award winner here. Of the above and beyond the war now I know you like talking about your achievements and many are a little embarrassed by. What happened but how shocked re how I'll honor review on Friday when the surprise was was given to you. Fit to have. I got to pay my brother I guess but I'm pretty upset with the mud. I think you could be in for though lord and to be honest with you I'm not. I'm not a big talker in general let alone talking in public situations and has enough for me to get up in front of a 130 people let's talk about a very emotional event for me. A bright would you explain to people are familiar with what the above and beyond award is so the above and beyond award away sure. Art community to recognize. A military service member who's gone above and beyond their call of duty but we want to create our own way to really recognize someone that we felt. Had committed a matter meritorious act of service. For our country or for our community. You know someone in uniform has gone above and beyond you can nominate them as well and above and beyond award dot com captured brown was our first recipient this past Friday yeah. On some of the great. That's a great idea in a wonderful way to recognize those who have given selflessly and even more so thinks of the Jerry Kelly team and mission realty group San Diego union Tribune Harris resorts in California Oakwood escrow. The veterans movement and fox sports San Diego for being part this is well it's absolutely. I again thank you for your service that I notices. Nowhere near anything near that awesome bronze statue that you happened John and I have been doing giant Tammy hi 5000 hometown hero tour. We're trying to high 55000. Of our heroes say analysts is nice that you hear me okay. I don't know if you don't mind me by 55 you increase graduate certificate number 2756. Think it's amazing Kevin Brown thank you so much for your service and for being here today and it's army's command and thank you think happening Brian from veterans and almost think you as well thanks Trevor thanks not a bad morning way to heroes and not playing.