Should We Help Singles Find Love?

Thursday, March 8th


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89 EP Hamlin ally you know that how are you honey I get a bill I have this great ABS. Bachelor has now ended thank god. It last time. It collected on a little bit arrogant kid grumpy guy every race I PX. Ireland's main scene and I'm an air bachelor bachelorette. Are a pain where. A bachelor get fed up with the bachelorette. And and send them out until he comes back not Japan and then do it all over again because let me tell you. I'm going to be beaten flu is that Gary is playing in the world forward like really. Oh where oh my god it's awful for over forty Euro a creeping people out there you'll. It's a little different about over the weekend who's gonna win an offer before years. And she has been trying gambling and online dating and she says it's just for the urged. She says then exactly you do said that she's she started talking this guy that she thought it was kinda cute. They thought there was an online connection in the next thing you know old. Multiple pictures of his cats. Oh definitely corporate reassembling it like at which it was cat is I was a little worried there for a parent. Really very cleanly in the eighty feeling buoyant after like just talking on line and she said forget my guess is that that's any indication what I do for two and I've been starting with it. And others are great access camera and angle. I didn't at all or heard it here Oka and obviously you do you not very satisfied with the online dating scene. I'm not you're talking about trying to blind date you know in your forties would've we have someone in their twenty's. Who can give use some help on that because. I mean people in their twenties are pretty hip on all of apps and all of that and how they go through a priest and when you deeds emerge when he's not one single moment and look into a bad you know whatever trips your trigger. I'm not judging every go to war and I get my vote teacher right yeah as well. On it right no. Your class honey I'm just saying what. Did when he soupy give you some advice on. That actually would be the trek the loom as that would actually be really tricked into thinking there might. Like he can sit there and rightly consider island cut within the younger set I had him hold out and that kind. Bombs and yet so we want and we are clearly on it at that. He's running on the dating scene with online or apps you know they can call us and give us some some advice for you that would be fantastic. The fun it begin at ten BP like how it would all work I don't know I mean. And I needed a former rock star that was a little. Yeah are literally threw it low EE ELA is that you know I think. Don't have a lot during do we know. Eric well it didn't heavy metal and the eighty even ninety. Johnny. Eagle I had talent and they are out Arabic name are there. All right Chelsea Kathy called earlier this morning in very frustrated. With the online dating scene was asking us to. Maybe have a singles contests on our show which I'll pass uninteresting and a weird way it does idea. I've I've go into a life change or myself that that may be who knows online dating might be a thing although I don't ever really see that happening what you got four. Well I'm Tony area I'm Omar on and I tried to hold in their bub balk bang. Worst idea ever let me tell you how many creeds are out there to look in her well you know. How do you lose a single tell you I get online oh my god I can't I'd ask. I don't do it anymore you have two jobs you have a child to try to date we have the tiger. Out. It's right well word. Yeah I know I happen Sunday off occasionally and that pretty grave that. That value anymore they got cute too crazy so nothing good can really meet anybody cool while there once all day you know but then at the end of the day I got a message from the white. And yeah. Felt like I had bad apple they're gonna get any better you're. Not. Yeah. Yeah I think it's wonderful letting them be button below OK my idea. Chelsea also want the idea that we already got to conduct of sports. Better your hammer tells me it's just so that you can get things happening here if we get. Can I please put a part of Chris Harrison the dude with the best job of my got your your limitation of okay. Ladies there's one rose left both. The way. Eyes they can see there's one. He'd emerged from the mist like. I'm a master well first I swear to god might be hologram. All right so heavy person that you may be this Jack really part of it. Don't you want to date. Chelsea doesn't want Kona deep Meeks does not get off here. You'd got an app and stop the meat why can't their public hoops woman yeah did into. All of the water but I'd take you very much Chelsea and 8332871037. Let's go to Amanda hi Amanda. And I am doing my dating back and I got ill prayer. What kind of beating out facts that aren't I'd I'd gonna wanna IQ and what they thought about. Okay because so far Kathy and Chelsea Kathy in her forties Chelsea in her twenties only does the worst. Yeah hi yeah I definitely iPods in the paint they a lot of people liar Y need to get a relationship at its top well. And I actually need to know the first and and are back on the online it'll play and we reckon and Ed and having them epic that's that lately. Now tried to go and do whatever you want to do a little bit and sprint and not find the best they've got to I of people and I think you're not that bad I'd let you know you aren't and it looked likely gonna keep all that and that they they are going to be in the same area. Man the Weis is 25 year old I've ever heard it's a great piece by Douglas and doing all you can't do you Yahoo! and when you're doing your thing you're gonna find other people. That obviously like the same thing you're doing and that's how it starts.