Shower Idol Returns!

Thursday, March 8th


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Welcome to another addition of shower idle this is great because it's finally here. ABC Israel launching American Idol starts this Sunday. Ryan Seacrest is the only original thing from the show three brand new judges and I'm psyched about this than a huge Lional Richie fan so it's going to be cool to see him out there. Of course Lou brining Katy Perry is a judge so with the judges in mind we thought we would do our version of shower idol. We're producers to apple be singing a song with one of the judges Tammy. Singing a song of one of the judges and of course I'll be doing the same thing joining us to judge who's the best shot or idle. Making her return appearance is our good friend Merrill who is the booking agent over pats tonight in San Diego Merrill. You again. I think you are in Pakistan that Ryan Seacrest of San Diego black so I. Our balance every. And I I yeah. And yet he kept every job he's actually. What are each of us pick in American Idol judge. To seeing one of their songs and recorded ourselves in the shower and a course where we're gonna play it for you and then you get the lovely job of judging us. Who are already we will start with our fabulous producer producer stuff. So. That hey. Beat Gallup poll out. What are you really need I don't know. He night that these try to shower. The corporate world. So revered figure in the shower with you taking to the bathroom on trying to show how other elbow who was maybe sell a book was very clear in a BB or around your. Now it was Bryson spelled it Tyler's school I have such a hard time getting down and have time these. It okay and williams' death Merrill from tonight in Diego contestant number two on shower idol our very own Tammy. Plus he's a great day. At all. Yes these are burning. Gee who know the back go see enough work. Weeks before your Merrill I admire I admire your gusto bands are you should be eliminated from the competition that's not like a little Richie. Well it's true it's his original and The Commodores that's the drummer singing idol exact opponent that's on the economic plan. He wrote LP and write an. I also had also forever and Merrill are third contestant would be yet be over here. This whole bridge. And today I got it shoot it doubles when you walk the end. Brandon say hello and I was able crazy CE you've waited handled. You don't know remember that. This little school runner over the solid but basically call by ray. And stage yeah. Yeah OK yeah. I finished. Mostly middle. Yeah. Maryland I'm sorry I'm sorry god Merrill which like the San Diego judge this week's American I'm sorry this week's show our idol champion. I just wanna say encouraging Lee irony by Arlen crew and the past couple months that I have a project so. Everyone on the right track. Another check. Current Johnny Greek technically. Gaming I really appreciate it or you're at it all hang out that is actually better. But you know that's great that I have to give it to step because it should it multitasking. And it's not unique you're seeing. Butte top players in the shower I guess I don't know I. All I'd be back next uh huh yeah. All we. Are good that you know that your kids in the genre can. Get out and could cripple. A million. Appreciate it means really really academic art I think we all appreciate. Many congratulations. Merrill wind could peoples to look back into tonight senior that we're gonna do so they can narrow it can go to YouTube and check airplanes in Diego Arctic air your globally there are common and the App Store when we come back at square were going to be. Beautiful thank you Merrill. Thank you guys I.