Tammy Meets Her Grandson For the First Time!

Wednesday, March 7th


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All right Tim is a grandma so for the first time ever. The interview with the B Rory who. I'm gonna work right away is this your first time ever seen him in person not Sammy yes and only so long. Oh my god were faced Tony right now because Timmy unfortunately missed the birth of her second grandson. Hello beautiful mom a look at your big beautiful eyes are paying you kind of look over their two kids. Hi re. Always felt tired and I mean but you'll lashes look fantastic. That's a equity into. Are you happy are you relieved. All baby doll are raised its Shanghai I bet I bet all right so let's see the hit some man your soul. A win. Oh my god no disrespect to newborn babies because they're okay YouTube Q looks so beautiful give and he's like five months old are right. Well he was a big boy. As to how it's HE 22. It's changed. The packaging isn't so hot tallest Jamie. Execs. Yeah he's told and a baby Rory he was 22 inches and eight point nine pounds. You point seven okay oh my god at all. Oh he's so beautiful. Look at him sleep and I mama. Oh my god she's out cold. Oh. Did you know yes you said Jimmy Hoffa. Amazing Rory brilliant. Taylor is there a meaning behind the name. Rory. It was actually it on TV so we agreed on we have really strong. Reaction to it now and it I don't know I just so yeah just stuff. Low Lille in Rory down. Strong Irish boys. On various yen on my guy. It's speaks and I. Or it. And adjudged leg good boy sure rates and that it. Yeah at a belatedly him think so. It is she you know I'm pretty mountain top but can't eat. It's back to grant how strange that their pick up here it sounds like. Can't wait to see you have to videotaped him coming in to meet either. I you know we've we video everything now knowing how. Well he's just gorgeous I'm so proud of you he's beautiful. And this has not even pointed and. I can't believe that he's going to be able to around Ed Taylor is a beautiful boy congratulate you may really nice babies. And. You can tell honey while we love you all and I'm sorry that we were twelve hours short and from. Great apps that time it they said you left. Ear like she's gonna come. Rake it and it it. That's our it while I love him he's beautiful and I love you and I'm very proud of you. By Amy.