SD Moms S1E8 - Sick Kids, Going to the Doctor

Friday, February 23rd

We're talking sick kids and doing all we can to help them, going to the doctor, and how our moms diagnosed US!


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Are readying. I yeah. High esteem moms that I add in my and a rather. I feel like I have a little lower rest your voice have been deal with the cold and cough. And sign in now you're contaminating the rest of my guys hear me out little Italy yeah it's that time a year on my goodness. Especially having kids exactly but it is a never ending story and now let my friends have kids who. Have been dealing with the cold like all like it might be contagious BC just bring in and pray it gonna hit it anyway yes. What's the worst is when other moms trying to like point out which kids caused the only thing that's. Golf at Aston all now it'll probably happen on my life. Hopefully my five year old my three year old renowned nine month old baby I can't believe she's nine months old already know and she had her first ear infection last week so on top of meat being set. Not getting much sleep and then baby Claire had her first ear infection I had to take her to the doctor she was just not. Getting over a fever you know this time a year everybody's been getting that loosening alone nervous. Went in posh as well ear infections I have to get over this medicine and believe. She's taking I thought she was spit up she's been doing great that is the hardest when you have to give them their and a chaotic in the agents refused to take and you like. Not true to torture waterboarding and the I attic. You gotta get a Kilmeny can't like miss doses they say and unhealthy. Are your other kids prone to getting or were they prone to getting ear infections you know what this is my first ear infection with the kids have ever -- my goodness you are blasts has had her horse story mice second side he ended up getting ear tubes getting mind no silly and many that having his console taken out we just three yeah I Hartley was constantly getting ear infections and many feel guilty for pumping them with antibiotics all the time so they say ear tubes where in you know what they did they did. But you're lucky he soups what did you think they'll it's a little lake the circular thing they play. Deep interior listen everybody disclaimer I am not a doctor set up a this is my mommy understanding of what your exact and it basically helps drain. Their ears. Via so he went into the doctors they put the ear tubes in the surgery at like they've had them under and everything. He had gas so now is that was nerve racking at the hospital having that cancels out is what he's up for the rest of his legacy and yet he's good he actually he had his ear to split end and then he still kept getting my console like this and then lo and loan to hold it with mono. And sell it they ended up going into take notice Parcells and then they put it your second round of your kids into the first ones had fallen now. You know port kids so you're lucky that this is your first. Ear infection yeah I was sucked my sister because she had a going to the doctor for ear infections with one of her four kids. And even brought up all your other kids probably had the infections and needy even knowing it yes it how does that even happened on trust me adults that they get ear infections. It is so painful to kids can be used to that page it's OK only me my other two have had your actions and not even know about it and all about it again and all. But not even beaten her theater this not only got you know that they would even consider that would one ear infection no way. Only had a like almost monthly. Yeah it is it was an early is seen as he would get over it. He would get another. How causes ear infections just I'll decide this is always being congested or and it not draining properly and so then it just holes and it's it's again disclaimer I'm not about our. I love that. On and now he's cold and doing well he is eleven he's doing very hat he's fine now typically my baby was born half. She had a couple ear infections that I was totally clueless about she didn't say. Anything about her ears hurt me she would just not feeling well. And then I figured doctors and mumbled she's got it isn't massive double here and back did you feel so added that as my mom. Theories that non guilt and to this day still brings it up from when I was a teenager. And ended up having appendicitis at. Yeah I had a horrible stomach ache and in all the flu like symptoms of my mom to say you know what you probably just have. To go to the bathroom one of those it asks yeah. And then ten days later it was by at and are you. She always had guilt of that day. Knowing that after that paid what I was experience it was actually my appendix bursting all night. I I know what I now being a mom myself. I know what she went through his you don't wanna go to the doctor for every little Tamer sniff all absolutely. But now icu nurse she is coming early I'd get that are going to write you just had some stomach by gaining had to go to the app or something. How old are you and is not a teenager I was sixteen. And now I know what appendicitis is element. But what happened is when my appendix burst because you think we did Don I know I know I can cut the worst hurt that hurt. My body just actually. Helped itself by the kind of forming a bubble around that burst appendix and they're saying if that bubble. Had earth that I would have. And I go wow and I men you know as a big ordeal months and months of surgery and having to stay home but how Tyler for my mom like wait ten included. Couple day and I call the director of the amount ever talk about how she still feels guilty about it yet. Law but do you explain like get it now mom hi there I get it out at the funniest FaceBook mean yesterday about. By the time your finally appreciating your mom your daughter is now yelling at you not me yeah. It's the circle of Lyon resident non. Well I hope you when your kids stay healthy this season. And I guess if coming days but I waited three days when my kid was sick and then I found called the doctor. And head coming in with clear and that's when I found out the ear infection. So for me is I listen I just say go to. I'm not gonna got a number there because this claim are I am not a doctor. A well they joining us yet speak that lets rejoice in in our conversation. Lead your common share with your friends to be part of our. MI ST moms dot com and like us on FaceBook as well FaceBook dot com slash my esteem moms.