John and Tammy's New Year's Wake-up Call!

Wednesday, January 3rd


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So waking up miles or is our child down or we can't miles this for adults I'll get back into the swing of things John Terry we can call there is nothing we won't do. Bribe you to listen to us. Including we knew after a long break the world is is miles. Is battling a professional week I'll answer and business models and a bit and good morning miles Jon and Tammy your official wake up service good morning. Miles less well. Miles. All weird beard cheaper to fall right back asleep or why. Are elaborate I wouldn't I don't know you own it and oh I can't get ignored their. All OK art so miles you asked us to call you give you wake up call right there yeah I put you sound more awake and we are what's going on yeah. I wake up every day report thirty that were here technical. It's why we call you next. Year if you're already at work miles. My program your your real work your moral weakness and we are you've been up since 430. A may be on this little demon twenty to. Immediately call miles got. Taught that you don't get me wrong moment oral. But like button now there are well won't very well while some on miles how your holiday. Mary again awesome what do you do miles. Building that are pretty alone yeah. Are out there very. And enabled at their solution sign miles. I'm out here ammo and all of a lot of such serious or funny actually so I'm glad we got he's got the chance to get to know miles. Now her eyebrows we'll have for anything by the way which is more miles to go wake up call rights and our country's. You can listen miles. A justice for future reference you don't need to have public opposed to just have a chat it was we've got your number now olds giving up. A lot going on ever want to. Our border are being helped build you ships are repairing ships please don't hesitate to ask. Or not John nobody and I mean. As. Time goes up in new. Our diet.