Merry Christmas from John and Tammy!

Friday, December 22nd


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Judge any of the morning in San Diego's number one for new country one of 37 KSO and that is Old Dominion and figure for Old Dominion it is an eight year Old Dominion is not a fact they're gonna be hosting a Christmas special forest here. On San Diego's number one for new country 1037. KSL and all kinds of great. Our specialty programming for you this holiday is not a factor very owner Rick. I'd Jackson who does the country classic show on Sundays gonna have a special Christmas show as well and then shot and I will be hosting at John Anthony's top 103. For New Year's Eve and New Year's Day. And with that we're about to wrap up the final show of the year as far as John Timmy in the morning can did mention that toppled three of 2017. Of attorney for so before you we do we take out yes it was a big day for you it was because we're not going to be with our two youngest kids on Christmas and it's Miami has its treatment verse in my territory for for the blob blob block we have to try to mash it all into a one day which we actually did yesterday. I figured it out since were celebrating Christmas a birthday in an anniversary. It is. Happy Mary Crist burglary and I think he felt that thing together. Had Andy and me crisper hurt me. You know. Aren't feeling lets you play yeah. Again at super creative yet. Happy Mary Chris burn injury happened Niedermayer Chris North Korea it's wild pessimists type thing. Yeah I was fine and he turned on that the fireplace and everything to make it seem like it was on Christmas he was doing while the. Our last show our morning show of the year so we wanted to just leave you with some words producers stuff just Texan because of course yeah I happy -- show tepee hat Timmy happy twentieth mall Merry Christmas to everybody thanks for all that you didn't keeping us on the air and out. And Jessica thank you for. All the hard work with the top one of three that's my producer rains touched of associate producer Jessica our newest member of the show. All. This in the last show of the year toward his own family you know what the castle and listeners I really think this year was the year. I knew the country family was strong but I didn't see it in town as much as I did this year now after root anyone that's bringing down. It's seeing the strength and the love everybody has for another it was so inspiring and so wonderful and I just want to thank every single person that was a part of human peace sign me it was a part of all the love that we spread. I think it was a very important and it it. It was inspiring and it warmed my heart and aren't you guys there and Tammy. I would say that the best thing was with our move and that the trouble it's caused in in trying to still get things fixed. How many kids when loyalists are says were which you 100% and please. You know I know that we're still gonna be there and again if you're having some issues the app or online we'll take care of that for now and it will be fixed all right well. What you should know about me is on the easy is personal work with on the show. I've not been the easiest person in the world to work with this year and for that I wanna face it thank you to my morning shall partner of eighteen years now on Yahoo! save my career. Quite literally wouldn't be in San Diego if it wasn't for Tammy and I be working somewhere and oh Claire Wisconsin. And then do my second job does not. Very high thing to work its race you know everybody in think and I wanna thank also markets went down with a move this year. Has not been easy the signal issues still exist in the are being fixed and please be patient with us we have been here so and and the only country stations in you for fifty plus years for nothing lewd act in stronger and more powerful than ever ran a brand new home in 2018 eventually I think movement that means that our superintendent Eric at. That things are picking parlors will be beautiful art Johnson is behind the Mike series. We'll be beautiful and and more. Accessible to you in new and improved. But most of all again if we didn't have you we wouldn't have jobs and to have a job. Today is a blessing to have a job he loved his beyond being blessed so thank you Merry Christmas to all we love you and you're good to each other bombed into our entirety as the ones that UBS Felix Femi for the past 67 years and then we keep it pulpits and keep. 71012. Years more of a cellular if that's a very consummate an area.