John's Cat Sitting Diaries

Friday, December 22nd


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I was such a good cat sitter for for producers just can't sunny. And I was asked to cat sit again on wall there out of town grant. I reluctantly said yes. Action shown above I love hanging out with a bruised a scat. He's very easy he or she a trillion Sonny's a boy's okay. He's bridge weird that you wouldn't recognize what he's a chill these chill in what he has and he he pretty cool except there's that. That oh my god from god and all right I'd I lesson they kept seeing diary a cat sitting diary item duking another half. Cats sitting. Dire he. But listen in the right. Sitting diary. But the problem. Yet diary. Entry number one in the house of Brad can Brad producer staff. Now the last thing producers have said to me was. Sony's been skinny lately. I hope he doesn't die when war on account. Yeah on Raj have a great trip so. I'm hoping that same thing. As I come up to feed sunny and give him water sunny. Sunny sunny. I don't see him anywhere oh no Sonny. If you come when he hears me giving his moves. So pain. Or who's been put in the new order's been put in the thing. I still mostly sunny and moves us on me. We're there and and acknowledge that she. Now. A man. Might soon be in the gas venture. Know what there's tons a laundry rigorous review my god stuff don't throw her secret talents. Must resist the urge to fold. Seriously like amounts of long injury to sit aaron's all clean in its wrinkle. In the wondrous about taking care chatter calling her out. I don't think bathroom. But his vendor who was so cute here. No her little. All right well on The Who didn't trust that I don't see. Any signs of turmoil. I knew it hit some news just napping. It'll come out when he's hungry. And right. Stay tuned now. Just in case you think that all of the wrong over there I went back and that the water and the two were gone. So so he's there somewhere he Malia and I invite me. Now last time that you did this to didn't sunny day where you are always very hard to get. Everything after awhile via. He's there on Gasol is seen India and the chairman of pupils that attitude and I have an ear and then them any hole bad admin and an answer in like two or three times were world pals but yeah so far I don't know so. I let you every now and if we have to break in with breaking news I wanted to tell you there's a breaking news. Programming and anatomy awesome we'll let you know come back on vacation to silly you know we'll certainly. Certainly that. The much I care.