Is John Ready to Learn How to Be a Man?

Friday, December 22nd


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Larry earlier this morning and add some forty I played when my favorite things we did to John this year and that's where we ranked him. About his car that our friend Teddy mechanic was gonna help you fix it he just put him. Through a bunch of baloney stuff. But that prompted a phone call from Matt young man John who wants to help the Albion a manly man RN if he was Nicholas a nick. Pay down the neck. You re become a man. And thoughtful for a mammography. When a loaded question that is my little matter up what do you got. We got the manly man trip coming up in January what's going solid quality got to check out the cited the manly man truck trip. The other truck. I'd have a Ford Fusion. And you borrow one reporter Carla truck has. I just don't know man. Yes your honor I called sex you know I'll check it out down manly man truck trip in Europe with the website turnaround for a trip out. And I remember to include. Truck trip is really get it incurred on a few qualified no no was sees no wires no checks no dogs that are. Time to gear up merely miniscule convene at the royals a lot of primitive camp. Get here. He stole stuff from bro. Miller. Not me at around they're Jewish daughter together some mailing their legal trouble Friday night January 12 and Saturday Jimmy thirteenth. It would what do you do what is it. In manly. You know you'd like fired you know I'd do that I know all of a player. Barbecue and I can barbecue. Court two of us it was a blast actually you have hiking c'mon man but the good time how long does one go one on. I think that the other than that there weren't there on that aren't basically my baton but it started and that. Nevada is all public and man what a great tradition old eagle John. Can your summit truck. People from like eighty years old Don no way. Me or I'm like 34 years ago ability do you Gary gotta you gotta man out of this hotel nearby. Now. I. I don't read on and what about oil and zoos as bathroom. Yeah I muted sort of the book no boy. Come on I. Had malaria when we get in. All I'm really gifted thank you were thinking of me when I give this is serious consideration nick. Ireland reality dog takes begins with making a beautiful. And have a good fighters and can imagine me. Now hey guys I'm sure you this manly man thing anywhere author. Charlotte and it. Out. I'll vote. But but but that is what we do nearest Starbucks about grandpa another busy in Starbucks urinary keep the record a are you thinking nick. Only god bless you nick that was awesome with the.