SD Moms S1E4 - Holiday Budgets Part 2, Expensive Gifts, Family Traditions

Tuesday, December 19th

More about budgeting for the are more expensive these family traditions and food.


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It welcome back as a team on ST mom's death momma three ages six months to almost five years old high time ST mom amber and I am a mom of four children between the ages of war and twelve he'll be 13 march. So let's speak we we're talking about holiday budgets to set a budget do you just go with the flow and not even care about money and what we are asking what is lately and my sister is a store manager. The sheet messages on FaceBook what lay away is in what was her description of leeway it is where. I don't evident from me right now but people search shopping in September and you are on the right track where they have to start paying it and hopefully by Christmas time. It's paid off. In the Stuart saves whenever they get out up got you starts months in advance as we can assert. Lately shopping it's September's that cancer paint supports it and if you like dvd laid way all year round two I believe apparently was just for Christmas cool just like the push is Iraq Chris I believe he had exactly. Okay cool so that was answered and they so much for joining the conversation on FaceBook. When we posted our conversation about holiday budgets. And amber do you have some well I would just like to say my holiday budget I don't have one. Which I probably should. The fact that. Did you just opened a new Coretta car as well off. Time and you on the other hand. I do watch it I watched the money and I purposely go to thrift stars in baby resell stars Tim make my dollars stretch. But I saw a lot of goal over and above because I don't want my kids to always expect every year Tug in X. Right and I I also realize not taking advantage of them being a little night Bono she's seven months now. She doesn't. Oh honey give she's the one I was gonna say it like when you're younger kids I remember doing the same thing to me like really no later that I care but as they get older. He gets harder because these are demanding I phones and laptop and yeah and and my me my daughter Margo we just heard eight. She is asking for an iPhone seven. Aisles yeah that's ice that I like to see it coming I was six. You know like yeah I should know when he adds fuel and they're asking for something like that and then you show what witness box. I you know it's like their party setting themselves up for disappointment. So I feel like. Heidi it's hard I don't want them to be disappointed on Christmas morning because that's a bummer but I don't wanna enable spoiled little brat yet but that's top well Kim she commented on our podcast she said. She spent about a hundred dollars per kids. And dust stockings filled with like 99 cents only store at us which I loved many mansions on the start plug plug it took up a but it just a hundred dollars how many kids that she had I don't know and to that would take up. The 115 an iPhone. Because even if it's refurbished aren't iphones typically a hundred bucks nowadays yes you get an older version refurbish yeah yet that would be the one guess yes it was a kick in although one gifted and be man of an iPhone port. Up. You know what I did I did do that last year my my second signing he wanted a laptop. And Mac announcements you know hundreds of dollars so I bought a refurbished one as good Dion poked. By it being refurbished it wasn't good enough for his like mine craft video gaming stuff like back and sell. It says it was a waste of money continues at. And now guess what he's asking for this year another lap Ali yeah I need a I want when it's not used. Steer when he opened the laptop was at its only yeah Nell Nell. So how do you balance that out I don't I don't now it's hard it's hard. I understand that he only got a couple of gifts plus a laptop or did he get as many. I'm happy wind yes he was happy win. What he got but then once he realized that the laptop we didn't. Good day. You're sad day for what he wanted to deal he was tons. And so I don't know to recapture and Atlanta up from last year you should reselling it to parents are looking for a big deal I went out FaceBook marketplace. And found some really good deals this year and why X. Nice. I should do that you know and I you know where it is causing who music. Cook but I put you on that triple or not I don't even know where it is I don't even know her because it music is joy in our conversation I. She commented she said we spend fifty dollars a kid stocking suffers ten or so each. So we make quality holiday food fun outings in family time the priority which is beautiful. And I totally appreciate that. I just the Anthony family here all my feelings on East Coast so it's just mean the kids that. Other coworkers that she was kind of bond she realized she doesn't really have family traditions either. So like well why did you start your own family tradition because now. One IP Christmas Christmas Eve. Is eating shrimp cocktail that's because it was every hair with my parents. And so we still continued that into my family. So is their family tradition that you're gonna continue. An immediate do you want like an owner out so I gave Ben you know with sans family for years so we do have our own little traditions of course the elf on the shelf. And marble. Well that's yeah yeah so we do all bad and damn about food food is so important. Not Crist is not might be only it was that he would go and have like. I remember correctly in my grandma's house like you know I can Romans up and down but it was never at my house and Chris this morning we never did that. It's a sentinel have family to goatee to have dinner at their house it's like I don't want Santana and let tradition I'll skip well yet will thinks I did the entire Thanksgiving there's been a Kansan. And they don't meet any of the food they don't like yet like Turkey no one. Philly like a little bit I write it might mean where is an and the left overs now they're not insulate it so literally eat the police they have like little. Little bits and pieces of it but like my daughter is Margo so picky enough partly meter like spaghetti arms are telling. The and now she's trying to be vegetarian. I'll an eight trendy image it's the area where father and nurse that moms there they're vegetarians out each child so far has tried to be vegetarian at some point in your childhood come and I just supported because you know if that's what you wanna do that's fine. I know that's not the last because chicken nuggets and Angel and its relationship for eight years old and especially my eight year old as the any vegetables it's like a cracked. Calling it she'd been a vegetarian for me maybe moment but at least she doesn't merely an athlete as an instinct that. Has she ate vegetables now what is she ED I try to put it in front of her she'll just you don't need she's not the best eater it's the worst. She can't print eating like chicken nuggets and hot dogs and Mac and cheese and now she's cutting up Emmys are not what we left and Mac and cheese. I mean I. Come on yeah she's the hardest picky eater. Other kids they're really they're really good leaders like my that I can't youngest and my two oldest is just the middle one is the picky eaters and I was just like that amount a child to do. So I have I understand where she's getting from psychotic cater to a little bit you know I'll. But we also enables her picking this. NHL and lest you be suitable for yourself. And now I'm. Not following through with making all these different meals for your kids three talking about mark O at that time yes I'm talking about Smart idea how about cooking and eating my children Mario though is bad not the hardest. And any other fun listener comments regarding our conversation on holiday budgets going back to that this time a year Angelica Salam she says about thirty to fifty dollars per kid. That is not about against my kids have lots and lots of things I need to buy fancy huge gifts which you know and make sense I don't know. That's easier said than done but then when mom Gil kicks in. Well and carried a box set targets stretch gaffe. But Cunningham. And you can now like you think you can get away with getting you know use things and Chinese employees and and the clothes and yes they get excited about on wrapping clothes still subnet that milk at a salon blink as long as you can't. Until they get the favor they want like designer name brand expensive. Yeah. Yeah it is since I heard it and I. T I my oldest especially he's a middle school he's in seventh grade now indefinitely that's when labels start making their way under the cool labels these days they lake stance socks. Like got serves a label for sacks yet so there and they like twelve to like twenty dollars up here is a look at its access to things nowadays like an off your side with giving up like in socal. A lot of high. You know it's kind of like in style it like a snap back flat rim in high socks you know I think to. And against a good quality Sox but down they bet for that much money that's why they're just the Christmas gift behind home you know. And beside her sacks my illness let's go to chili's chili's. Is expensive. It definitely is eight or worse nadir shop you know with. All that skater Gere yeah expense net. Yes oh yes milking it now while you can your kids are young they don't know about labels don't care about labels. And I'm not a big label person either so it's not like I tried and encourage that but it happens. Re like that middle school like I guess for a little bits but have been brutal my whole life can I get paid for a lot of stuff too silly. DSP acre or deed is Nike I lived in New York to Timberland was like a big brands and and even sold it actually happened those those boots he evidently clothes I felt like arrogant like a sweatshirt to balance what's your religious and Timberland like a little tiny Tim Rolen on and it was like sixty months. Check out those search stars they carry all that's up 20 yeah about it anymore. Yeah but for your kid it's. Maybe some of the the CI don't know and north liking give. My older kids secondhand clothes because they would know lol yeah I don't hang on it I could do it but I don't. But then they'll say OK I'm next year don't get me being used like I'm not. It's not your holiday shopping going I almost I'm feeling good. I know I'm not only a standard. Are you get stressed I'm totally dragged on mound as we informatics payday the I you know let's primary now I did I did act a lot on Cyber Monday and then Nam. When broken Senna went for payday our rights. How are you know I am done that big debate but marketplace if you get a sponsorship from eight marketplace I do love it now yeah. It it's like the new Craig's list yes and it's easy. So a meeting up with a couple of the moms and found a good deal on bikes okay. Incidents on the bike for thirteen bucks and another bike for eighteen XS awesome Lola even at Wal-Mart he'll spend like thirty dollar seats as PLO might be worried sixty bucks. Yes that's ridiculous hit I little kids by X yup the trade emails. Wow but. Some stretching that dollar I make network. Outside the pick up then. Have a festive Christmas I needed it to. Staff financial learning something negate your tips in an award just like your year will power. It's what will power willpower to not spend money. Indulgent like you know going crazy and Christmas I feel I have that in me like. About the dollar amount I just know it's gonna go crazy high enough in them. He had a it could be waiting for the next payday again I know it's a vicious cycle. So beaver joining our conversation on holiday budgets. Any I only some of my tips in making your dollar stretch by checking out the thrift stores are so many great through a source it's an 80 yes definitely. And it is like buying local to really is and it helps you make is that your re seeing you pistons don't eat out is not an LP it. Yours three will make you so much and happy holidays have we don't get to chat with you because. The holiday travel is upon us now how slow track travel every land and look at chip in twenty AT and make nice and sound so far in the future. Right here it is well. Good luck with all your holiday shopping and remember as many of you have join in the conversation and say it's about the memories and be together. In your family and yes. I expect that that the.