St. Jude Radiothon: Liz's Heartbreaking Story

Thursday, December 7th


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We've spoken to Liz or damage from Carlsbad from many saint Jude. Radio funds loses baby Claire passed away from cancer years ago she'd be thirteen years old this week so this is that a come a poignant start to the story Liz because the last time I saw you we were added saint Jude fund raiser he had that was the same day that producers test media. Eight it was brought up. And she's beautiful I've seen pictures is. That's what I had to tell you because I named her baby's toy looking your face when I told you and your husband that there was a nuclear right now wasn't alone it's yeah did. And I I have another a good friend who no relation her grandson named his baby Claire Hamas like all of course I love that name how beautiful you Weems is seen pictures ever. As simple by chance what's her middle name and she said. Ports Claire Elizabeth will that's mine babies. The rain they happen to lookalike on at all no so she keeps sending me beautiful pictures and he had chosen him like that so that it's amazing. Yeah. Our time doing the radio phone with you we we've heard your story and how. You discover saint Jude children's research hospital when Claire got sick through the grace of god gradually absolutely. Andy we see you coming year fewer Kirby thirteen years old now and I see you coming in every year. With just as much spirits and just as much passion like we need to fix is about so many people would say well I've got other things going on a new life now it's been. So odd years knowing you're never gonna stop. Now I'm not gonna stop because I've got division of my clear in my eight brain in my head. And they're kind of translates to all children to me because. I still continue to work in the childhood cancer community and I see children and I see their faces an IC what they're going through. And I see my Claire in them. I didn't know what they're going through IC what they're going through it's the same thing my daughter went through and I don't want another child. To go through this right especially don't want any other parents. To have to. Have to end that we had which was losing her daughter so there's a lot of wonderful things that came out of such a sad. Terribly sad situation. I know that you would give anything you could right now to change all back in just have either here or not doing what you're doing however comma. I know that Clara super proud of you and I think you know that too I think you know that she's she's. Thrilled with the Angel that her mom is and that's what you are. Because now you are putting Claire is little wings on all of these other kids in seeing that slipped to happen let's try to make. Make these good endings in happy endings and it's. It's hard gifts and to have been given but there's a gift in their style. And it's a clear message him to me it is to us it is to my family you know. It's you don't. Lectured Childs goes this way and do nothing with it sprained Hugo wan. You have to go on I have other children I have a wonderful husband do you go on you live life view. Decide how you're going to use her struggle because she can't be here to tell that the more her beautiful pictures do people are touched by about it. It's just to tell her story. And I actually I don't care if people get sick of hearing it because. We're not there yet to rent we need to get further we need to stop this we need kids to live their lives. Why do we support saint Jude children's research hospital a small hospital oh amid a massive research facility in Memphis Tennessee lower here in Southern California. Because saint Jude children's research hospital. Works 24 hours a day seven days a week 365. Day easier to fight. Catastrophic diseases in children the research never stops and then that protocol shared throughout the world freely not to the highest bidder. Here we found a cure we found a way to treat this use it on your patience. Patients are right here in San Diego loses from Carlsbad and was bent on many of our radio thoughts before we love her very much her daughter clear would be thirteen years old this week Claire was given them an extension. And their friend was given hope because of the work of saint Jude children's research hospital and because of your becoming a partner and I. Help cancer hits kids differently than anybody else is big hits it differently than adults I'm not saying worse through I'm just saying it's different. Kids are losing so many more years of their lives they are losing their childhoods we just precious. And the fact that we're losing some of the kids in our future that should have grown up and done some. Thing wonderful and I futures in here a four year old girl say this is that this. Eighteen word disease I couldn't even in how begin to pronounces I hear the pronounce a perfect or why would you even know dad actually there's a different vocabulary. And get the biggest obstacle we still face here in San Diego is people saying why a a hospital in Memphis and this is yet another reason why because all these years later it's clear now thirteen years old you continue to fight in no. Just what a magical place and it is at saint Jude children's research hospital. Yes right and that's that's the important point to drive home is that. Here we are keenly from Carlsbad. You know in 2006. Child with brain tumor we didn't know where to go and they were the ones. Who we found who gave us hope and they did give us hope they gave us years with clear that rain would have had otherwise. But on top of fats. What they do for the entire world sharing their information sharing their re shirt researched. As long as I've been in this community cancer childhood cancer community. And I still am. Even though my daughter's gone I'm realizing. How much they affect the entire world chirp and and give their information and including reading Children's Hospital right here and include absolutely because they have the affiliation with them and we will also be able to be covered treated there as well also because they have that wonderful affiliation and we got the same. Carrier that we would've gotten there once we got back here with the affiliations. We're stronger. Then the very first time we match I am I thinking I am and I others out there gift from I mean as you set I wouldn't. Have given up anyone in my children to gain this but I think that is one of the gifts. That comes via aren't being in your light is brighter than ever I don't know what it is about sugars. There's some really beautiful light that comes with your strengths to my speak on her standing behind me radiating that's what I did I look at a birthday and Claire I'm birthday glared. And Merry Christmas junior family and then again thank you for your devoted support to saint Jude children's research hospital. And of course we need so many more partners and also want to system for so for Claire raised time. All right Liz we love you know that. There to be with us again Hanks thinks she can.