One Second Cinema - December 5th, 2017

Tuesday, December 5th


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Saying no. Natalie in Scripps ranch welcome into one that second cinema great to have you here today. Okay all right listen up and here and there is. I'm going to school and and leg. The Australian and they won't and shouldn't lie. All right listen as we play your 12. Cinema clean. Kunis to control and again Kunis to control now I've always been the first to see this is an easy one I think it is really hard won him. What is your guess for 12 cinema Natalie. And that's a good again. Guess not correct me Q for playing though she is an Oceanside gen. Wait for a second here comes your 12 Sonoma Kunis can control and again. Kunis to control. What is your gas for 12 cinema. I. Is it the wizard of laws. Don't move. And we can talk again and come home my guy so. And I just that goes on line again. I don't know I'm talking about it was a buzz congratulate. You all time favorite movie. You know one of the actually I have to get my daughter you know I went out. Why it's. And every morning now it. Well Jack you nailed that you and your daughter what's your name. Riley congratulations yeah. Just. So good title and second cinema fears they think you sent here. And you have a feeling for pack of tickets to the radio children's ice rink that is going on now to January 7 that liberty station. I. Hey you guys earned a Jen Riley congratulations thanks for tasting yeah. Hartings 12 civil Jon and Jimmy on 1037 KSL and.