Christmas Fire Safety with Captain Shanley

Tuesday, December 5th


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Also fire danger when it comes to your Christmas tree believe it or not there were people. And I could just purse your staff was flabbergasted he's at all you have to wired retrieved. And that's what it's a real treat yet you have to water let's emphasize that a real tree needs to be easy looks. Constantly water and tightly when you first cut that tree down and you know they'll stop at the end. You need to do it several times a day that's how much water to those trees drank the us. However some people do not know that and there are lots of things. Greek regarding other decorations around your house keeping your house warmer the school time either you might not realize as well as a danger to your home to your family to your loved ones. A joining us right now produces just crushing all over our. Yeah. LE a fire station number one downtown. And not here to talk about the danger yes Christmas decorations right now off the bat captain schily specifically that Christmas tree. It really is actually extremely dangerous. That's because most people don't even think to lock boasting strike out really quick and I don't know PC that's the big fields of fire that started our Christmas trees but they start really quick. Any progress really quick and ended they're extremely dangerous. There's a whole group of us that glove for New Year's Eve to the deserts and we all bring our three is he and that's that's used and it goes so incredibly fast it's really quite scary. They don't even need accelerant is used. I put a match there it's gone do. This seriously I mean it's extremely dangerous tight between. Mike I think 20112015. There is an average of 200. Out fires that started with Christmas trees every year. Another question is people use seeing. Space heaters which can be dangerous on their own right but then plugging them in this. Two extension cords or anything like that is always a bad idea to. Our rule force changing course is that extension cords can be used temporarily so we inspect there's a certain stuff fassel like they can be used for temporary. Com powered that they should never be used for permanent power. I'll admit you don't want that the deaths that people probably more dangerous since it must be seen knows I won't say cheap plug in cure walk you have like night. Let's send it now imagine if you use the net one outlet for nine different thinking about it keep energy that's created by at a whatever that that doesn't. That's not a very safe thing to do need or so other people think about that it's very convenient but it's very dangerous to. There's a few of those in our Hollis is my husband used him to put the timer into turn licensed stuff. Me but there's other things so plugged into it so we need to stop that. Yet what sort of I think he should tighten discipline and everything under don't I don't know what else. He left to right now consider this week. Just back I don't. Appreciate and you don't even it out like that possible I'll go to the tragic illness claimed a letter to the grocery. Area and share your attack killed yet stagnant not good. Over. Here let's say we. We're only we have a couple of those in our house we used them to win a timer and now and we should probably stop doing that yeah. They see how easy that is. We did not display in all my kind of like your aura that you play every big some are got you back I guess it's usually not you don't think. Kept in Chile proving yet again that he is of obvious first responder providing safety and also a real friend that a man who hit not a perfect captain Stanley K Isabel the sand eagle fire department is hiring. So if you think you're up to it you've got what it takes and you wanna provide a service of the public. You can contact us we'll hook you up with captain Schilling isn't formation. And maybe get two and a career to providing safety for everybody and thanks for joining us in a very serious conversation you met some Paula we appreciate you. Thanks for your support Levy that we appreciate. Appreciate it isn't easy one must not and I'm not really. Let's as they say go back to the table was this about. Them and I'm not good. Over a look at you and I was not just came lucky yes it. So I see and I Eric GAAP yeah yeah no. Real ideas about how old Bobby yeah yeah.