SDMoms S1E2 - The Mom Guilt Is Real

Wednesday, November 15th

Amber went to Disneyland - and didn't take the kids!  Yes, the Mom Guilt is real.


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Welcome to -- steam miss I'm ST month staff with three babies four year old son and three year old daughter and six month old daughter kind esteem mom amber I have four kids between the ages of 4 and almost thirteen Pacific at an amber you just had a five day at Disneyland a couple days at Disneyland but I notice you didn't bring your kids you know lack mommy guilt is real. So I had to broadcast my show live on Monday from Disneyland it was a blast I could have brought the kids would meet but I'm a single mum and I had to work and there's no way I can let all my four kids just wander around Disneyland you know and so I had to make the tough decision just to go by myself. Which isn't because I would love for them to come to me you know and share that experience. Comes so yeah I aid decided that I just couldn't do it and I felt so bad because I wanted them there but the reality of the situation is I had to work. Now south well I pray now Mondale is re all I do get over your mom's guilt. I just had to accept that that was my reality and I'm sorry what other times of the experience mom Gil I feel like experience mom's guilt every day. I just part of the game I do every night I've realized recently. I've been yelling at my kids a lot and maybe that's why my throat sore puppy into a panic I cluster yeah ice. And having horrible cough I've been losing my voice so it's been hard tee on up but I've been yelling at Camelot. And I try to stop OK and to me at. What's going on like myself sat white Camry coming from guns at the end the day you just want to relax you know you wanna decompress and we got three little ones you just can't so I can totally see like losing it when your kids were the toddler age and no one of years. Your daughter youngest daughter is still time there. But let's say your two sons who are now homeless teenage actors when they are toddlers do you remember yelling a lot are my yelling too much I don't think you're yelling too much I don't know the situation I don't I don't know how crazy yeah it's typical Tyler self where they're always. Hitting each other throwing stuff and it's like kinds of time out and yelling you're essentially referee at this point yeah life and sometimes you just don't wanna be re invent an aesthetic feeling he had not totally was like that I think that's like for every one who's got toddlers for sure and then at bedtime. We need just want them to go to bat I I heard somebody refer to as a reverse hostage situation. Like. As I didn't edit it and keep coming out yet but I'm a great analogy of it. We've come up with a routine. And the routine does help because of my son is like wheat we have to still do the countdown. So this is our vets ever seen a hearing outfit I am asked a OK we start to jam us and then brushing the teeth I try to keep them separated like OK brace. That's my side you go at your pajamas on Stella you come with me and let's brush your teeth. Because they're together it's like Thelma and Louise are who'd go to. Who are the most famous bank robbers that worked together back in the day Bonnie and Clyde yes nearly body incline a couple other trouble together but what I separate them it seems a little bit better you can manage them better manage it better. Prices kiddies to jam a substance as per share tea and then to the flip flop. And then they're together but it's story time and prices got a story to tell us she sought I sought to try to seek out regulator in effect. Has exactly. After story tablet okay two bucks a of the two bucks scope of the two bucks and then they do account and where we count from ten to one while they brought in a circle. All that energy. Pretty if it works it works it's become that routinely. Here's here's my take on parenting in general if it works it works you know everybody's to don't beat yourself up over what works and doesn't. You know everyone's different when they're so cute and Connolly in their bad sets around like a he yelled at. My public I still are particular tomorrow I'll be better tomorrow I will yellen said I've tried so many different tactics like okay. I'll try to talk it out. A connector level. And but this means well here are good not because you're looking inward and just trying to be better than you were yesterday and only means your a great month. You know tried and tried near Killen and I'm not at all. Now there is another what I've read so many times how important it is to eat together as a family. I've been trying to work on that one too because a lot of times OK I'll make them dinner well there eating all of the other rooming catch up on stuff like social media we have to. Totally all I should be eating with them so that's of the house of trying to work really guilt that's just realizing hey the studies have been done its benefit act eating together is better is beneficial for everyone it is but sometimes you just not admit that. I. Okay that's okay. Well amber you tell me a great lesson at life is at least realize it and say tomorrow I'll try to be better at this or that can be they give you a great mom Jackie and a okay they give very much it makes me feel better. You're allowed gun. They solicited to the podcast this week bad mommy guilt make sure to put your comments here on our social media because we love to follow up with you and read some your comments and your messages to us we appreciate very much for a ST month stats yet but yeah.